How to outreach your potential B2B clients with PayPal support?
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Sending four emails with a scary “Final Reminder!” in the end, and just for $0.01 per email. B2B outbound marketing example.

Hey colleagues! Sharing a very creative example of capturing the attention of your potential B2B audience through email outreach.

  1. Get the list of your potential clients you want to communicate with.
  2. Send them $0.01 via PayPal, using their emails as recipients.
  3. Put your personalized B2B offer into a note in the payment.
  4. Become visible with those messages right into the INBOX of your potential client.
  5. See what you get as a result.
  6. Do it again. Be even more creative.

I see that it works because it worked to catch my attention as the Owner/CEO of Netrocket – B2B Inbound Marketing Agency – a potential B2B client of an agency that sent this to me.

I assume that it will work also in other B2B industries, and it seems very cost-efficient. You get 1000 emails delivered and followed up for $10 of investment. (Most of the money is never accepted, so I guess it goes back to the sender). Wow, let’s play a more creative marketing game.

Warning! This may generate more leads and revenue for your B2B business.

*This is not a 100% “to do” business recommendation; I don’t really know if it’s legal or not. You better check it with your compliance before doing.

Spend 3 minutes to see the video example I share. Let me know what you think?

PS: Also, share any other creative examples you see in your inbox.

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.