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Netrocket’s B2B PPC agency helps businesses get their products and services in front of potential buyers. We help you show up on the top of the leading search engines for buyer keywords without having to wait months to land high-quality leads.

Your company can make sales today – not months from now.

What Is the Main Challenge for B2B PPC Advertising?

PPC B2B lead generation is time-consuming to manage, optimize, test and execute. Our B2B PPC company works with managers and marketers to stay within budget, beat expectations and eliminate:
Low clickthrough rates on ads
High-cost, low conversion keywords
Leads that don’t generate sales
Low-margin ads that deplete your marketing budget
Keywords that target the wrong intent for your campaign

Our Expertise in B2B PPC Marketing

You deserve a B2B PPC company with experience. Since 2011, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses fill their sales pipeline with quality, targeted leads. STOP waiting for long-term marketing to work for your business!

Our B2B paid search agency has decades of combined experience helping businesses just like yours increase sales in a wide range of industries:

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How Can Our B2B PPC Company Help Your Business?

B2B PPC services help businesses – just like yours – make $2+ for every $1 spent. We'll help you:
Attract leads

Attract leads

Strategic campaigns are created to target your ideal customer at multiple points in the buyer’s journey. We'll attract leads that fill your pipeline and can be directed to your in-house sales team.

Increase profit

Increase profit

More leads, less customer turnover and a fresh batch of consumers will increase your profits. As an industry standard, PPC generates $2 for every $1 spent on ads.

Expand market share

Expand market share

PPC campaigns can target customers in specific locations and markets. Our team will help you capture market share in underserved areas and boost revenue as a result.

Reach growth goals

Reach growth goals

Your goals can be reached faster and more effectively with pay-per-click advertising. We target the right demographics and keywords to help you reach your revenue and growth goals.

How To Start Working with Our B2B PPC Agency?

Affordable, reliable PPC B2B lead generation is what customers expect when working with the team at Netrocket. Getting started is as simple as filling out the form below:
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A member of our B2B PPC management team will contact you to discuss your PPC needs further.

How Our B2B PPC Services Drive Remarkable Results

You deserve a B2B PPC agency that drives remarkable results. We've helped drive 593 leads to one client in just three months – under budget. How? It starts with a refined strategy that includes:
Comprehensive Strategy Tailoring

Comprehensive Strategy Tailoring

B2B PPC services start with a complete understanding of your business’s operations and ideal customer. We'll create a strategy that is unique for your company and will help you reach your goals and KPIs.

Targeted Audience Segmentation

Targeted Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation allows us to show unique, powerful ads to different audiences based on their position in the buyer’s cycle, location and unique pain points.

High-Impact Ad Creation

High-Impact Ad Creation

Our B2B PPC services include impactful ad creation with professional copy that converts more leads and gets more clicks. We leverage the industry’s best practices to maximize your marketing ROI.

Keyword Research and Optimization

Keyword Research and Optimization

Part of your custom strategy is keyword research and optimization. We'll analyze the leading keywords in your niche, find the low-cost, high-converting keywords that match buyer intent and optimize to keep clickthrough rates high.

Geotargeting for Market Penetration

Geotargeting for Market Penetration

Netrocket’s B2B PPC company will geotarget your campaign’s ads to increase market penetration and exposure in underserved areas. Geotargeting helps you land more leads and improve revenue.

A/B Testing for Optimization

A/B Testing for Optimization

A/B ad testing will be a major part of your campaign. We'll continue testing ads, swapping out ads that don’t convert well and optimizing to keep leads entering your sales funnel.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a foundation of our B2B PPC services. We'll monitor your conversion rate, adjust and work on attracting the leads that have the highest chance of converting into sales.

Real-Time Monitoring and Adjustments

Real-Time Monitoring and Adjustments

Our B2B PPC management team monitors campaigns in real-time, making key adjustments and tweaks to keep your campaign performance high. We'll spot trends, make changes in real-time and boost your profitability.

Why is Netrocket a Reputable B2B PPC Agency?

Netrocket is a B2B PPC agency with years of experience and a talented team of industry experts.
When you work with us, you get:

  • A team that includes PPC experts, content managers, project managers, team leads and more.
  • Comprehensive services that drive results for B2B businesses.
  • A forward-thinking agency that invests in advanced digital marketing tools.
  • B2B PPC campaigns that fit into your budget.

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Check Out Our Pricing for B2B PPC Services

PPC B2B lead generation doesn’t need to be out of reach for your business. We offer multiple pricing tiers that fit into any budget. Our B2B PPC company requires a four-month commitment that will transform your business’s sales.

When Will B2B PPC Campaigns Deliver Results?

Your business needs leads and sales now. As a leading B2B PPC agency, we can set up ad campaigns in weeks and start delivering exceptional results within hours of a campaign going live.
Netrocket team reduced the average CPC and increased the number of applications

Testimonials about Netrocket

View our client testimonials below and discover why B2B businesses choose us for their PPC campaigns.

Elevate Your B2B Business with Premier B2B PPC Agency Services

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    What is PPC in B2B?

    PPC stands for pay-per-click. It’s a form of digital advertising where the advertiser (i.e., your business) pays a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

    The most common form of PPC is Google Ads. Advertisers bid to have their ads appear at the top of the search results for certain keywords. Users who search for certain keywords will see your ad and – hopefully – click on it, sending them right to your landing page.

    Does PPC work for B2B?

    Yes, PPC can be very effective for B2B organizations if you work with a reputable B2B paid search agency.

    PPC traffic is highly targeted because searchers are already looking for what you’re offering. Those who visit your site from a PPC campaign are far more likely to convert because of their high level of interest.

    Marketers consider PPC to be one of the most valuable marketing channels for B2B because it can help attract new customers who may not have found your brand otherwise.

    The key to success is to use an experienced B2B paid search agency that knows which keywords to target. The right agency will know which keywords to target to maximize your results.

    Is B2B PPC Advertising faster than SEO?

    In most cases, yes. SEO is an effective way to drive organic traffic to a website, but it’s no secret that it can take several weeks or months to see results.

    PPC, on the other hand, can generate immediate results. Set a budget, bid on specific keywords and wait for the traffic to arrive.

    A combination of PPC and SEO will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. PPC can provide immediate traffic while you’re waiting for your SEO efforts to pay off.

    Who will work on B2B PPC services for your website?

    Our B2B PPC agency can work on the PPC services for your site. Our experienced team has worked on many B2B PPC campaigns and has a track record of success.

    How soon will I see results in the business from the B2B PPC Agency?

    How long it takes to see results will depend on several factors, including your industry and the quality of your landing pages.

    PPC can generate immediate results and send traffic to your website overnight. However, it typically takes 2-3 months for PPC to really start working. The first few months of a campaign serve as a training period and will provide you with valuable data you can use to improve its performance.