B2B Inbound Marketing Agency with Services Helping Your Business to Grow 30%+ Each Year

Each business should grow 30-45% and even more annually to be successful and make its owners happy. A big challenge for any firm is to match its business strategy with the services of an Inbound Marketing Agency and create an action plan for stable growth in the long term.

Inbound Leads and Sales Generation through Organic and Paid channels help to get the best possible Growth.

Our Inbound Marketing Expertise and Industry Focus

Netrocket team has helped hundreds of companies since 2013, making them visible to potential clients and attracting high-quality leads with the buying intent, providing inbound marketing services for manufacturers, tech companies, SAAS, and other small and midsize businesses in the USA, and internationally in Europe and other English-speaking countries.

We have had a lot of experience in multiple business sectors and now we’re focusing solely on companies within such industries:

Sales Pipeline and Marketing Challenges for Business

How does the Sales Pipeline in your company look? One of the main challenges for any business is to align its sales and inbound marketing activities to generate revenue growth. It all starts with making your business more visible to potential clients and then converting traffic to leads, qualifying those leads, and making sales.












Agency Focus
Company Focus

Inbound Marketing Services make Businesses Grow

At Netrocket, our team is focused on scaling businesses online through inbound marketing services and SEO - organic search engine optimization is one of the most powerful inbound channels. It helps to maximize internet visibility, get TOP rankings for a website in search results, and receive more traffic and revenue for our clients.
Online Visibility
Business becomes more visible for potential clients
Business becomes more visible for potential clients
TOP Rankings in search
You overtake competitors
You overtake competitors
Organic Inbound Traffic
You get more loyal organic traffic
You get more loyal organic traffic
Inbound Leads, Sales & Revenue $
You reach the business goals $$$
You reach the business goals $$$

PPC Drives Instant Growth

Each growing business applies Inbound Marketing Services differently. It is widespread for marketing teams to have PPC - the paid traffic campaigns for the fastest results. We do this at Netrocket Agency to get the result initially. This way, your digital marketing covers short-term business goals.
Guaranteed visibility
Your Business becomes visible right away
Your Business becomes visible right away
Guaranteed TOP Rankings
You easily outrank competitors very fast
You easily outrank competitors very fast
100% targeted paid traffic
You receive only targeted traffic which you pay for
You receive only targeted traffic which you pay for
Fast results, Sales & Revenue $
You reach the business goals faster. $$$
You reach the business goals faster. $$$

Google Media Ads Give More Awareness

Visibility / Conversions

Visibility / Conversions - Media Ads

Media Ads

Visibility / Traffic

Visibility / Traffic - YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

Visibility / Leads

Visibility / Leads - Media Ads

Media Ads

Social Media Ads Attract More Leads

Leads / Online Sales

Leads / Online Sales - Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness - Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Online purchases

Online purchases - Linkedin Ads

Linkedin Ads

Make sense to your business?

Inbound Marketing Services process at Netrocket

Netrocket is an Inbound Marketing Agency focusing strongly on Strategy and Process.
We build a logical and effective approach to reach the revenue growth goals matching the business strategy and marketing, considering your ICP, target locations, and other specifics.

This is why it’s very important for us to dive deep into clients' business, understand the market and the products or services of a client, and learn all about the audience we’re trying to attract and convert.

Discovery Phase & Business Analysis

This is the starting point and the part where we get to know your business better in all the details, starting with the current state of business, goals and marketing activities, and challenges in marketing and business growth you’re facing now.

It’s essential for understanding the basics and the unique needs of your business in the long term and setting the foundation for the whole Inbound Marketing process for your company.

Discovery calls and meetings

Discovery calls and meetings

Niche and Competitor Analysis

Analyzing your business industry and direct inbound marketing competitors in detail gives us a better picture of where we’re at now, how strong is the overall competition, what our competitors are doing each month, and which channels of traffic work best for them.

This helps us to identify opportunities, find low-hanging fruits, and develop a personalized strategy to give your business a competitive edge.

Detailed online-competition analysis

Detailed online-competition analysis

Inbound Marketing Strategy and Roadmap for 6-12-24 months

Focus - is a King at Netrocket Agency. It’s crucial to outline the main direction, goals, and tactics for achieving success for your business over time. Define which marketing funnels to use at each stage.

Your business vision for the next 3-5-10 years should be aligned with the marketing actions we plan.
This ensures a comprehensive and systematic approach to inbound marketing, allowing for thorough planning, execution, and optimization of both strategies over time.

Strategic planning for constant growth

Strategic planning for constant growth

Monthly Strategy execution

This is the actual ongoing implementation of the strategy on a monthly basis.

It goes as a step-by-step regular process of attracting target traffic and potential ICP clients from organic and paid channels.

And also includes continuous monitoring of your project and analysis of all actions we make to assess the effectiveness of the picked tactics and align marketing and business results each month.

This is where we match your Business Strategy with your Inbound Marketing, which allows us to get sustainable, measurable results long-term and make your company grow 30-45% and more annually.

Inbound marketing = sustainable growth

Inbound marketing = sustainable growth

Make sense to you?

When Can You Expect Inbound Marketing to Deliver Results $$$?

Inbound marketing services delivered by Netrocket Agency is a long-term strategic approach that yields results for the businesses we serve. The timeline for business results is highly individual and can vary depending on several factors, including the starting point, the USA or other markets we focus on, your industry competition, the B2B or B2C or both audiences targeted, and your level of 1-3-5-year goals.

Here's what you can really target and generally expect for any project during different periods of growth:

Increased visibility 🚀: your business will start getting more impressions online. Search engines begin to recognize your site and show it more to potential clients. Also, your business becomes visible through Advertising channels.

First leads generation 💰: you start receiving more clients through PPC marketing activities.

3 Monate
Visibility growth 🚀: Your business becomes more and more visible online in organic and paid channels. Attracts more attention.

Rankings & Traffic Growth 📈: At this point, you should start seeing the first TOP rankings and organic traffic improvements.

6 Monate
Lead generation 💰💰: You start to see an increase in leads as your content and ads attract more inbound loyal traffic. You’re getting more Sales.

Visibility & Traffic growth 🚀: Steady improvements of all organic and PPC metrics.

Growing Engagement 📈: You receive more potential clients from the Internet each month. They spend more time interacting with your business.

12 Monate
Consistent Lead Flow 💰💰💰: You can expect stable lead flow after a year of Inbound Marketing efforts, leading to increased Sales and Revenue.

Established Authority 🚀: After two years, your site and brand start to be seen as an authority in your industry. Your content will consistently rank well and attract visitors, generating more leads and sales.

Sustainable Business Growth 💰💰💰💰: At this stage, you can anticipate achieving the 30-45%+ annual business growth we aim for. Your inbound marketing will become a strategic driver of continuous revenue growth and business success.

12 months
24 Monate
It's important to note that while these are general expectations from the market and our practice, the results, and timelines for your project can vary both ways. Your business may start growing faster or it may take more time on some periods.

The success of your inbound marketing strategy depends also on the dedication of you and your team in the process, the resources and budgets you invest in the promotion, and alignment with your long-term business objectives.

As with any investment, patience and persistence are key to reaping the full benefits of inbound marketing.

B2B Inbound Marketing Services pricіng

At Netrocket Agency, we understand that every business, along with its owners and marketers, is unique, and so are their ambitions. Our approach to Inbound Marketing Services pricing and budgeting is customized to align with your specific needs and both short-term and long-term company objectives.

When planning your monthly and annual budget $, it's essential to consider various components:

  1. Service fees for our experienced marketing team: Project Manager, SEO expert, PPC expert, etc.
  2. Costs associated with ongoing creation of text content and visual content designs.
  3. Expenses related to backlinks, guest posts, sponsored articles, PR materials, and other promotions.
  4. Monthly investments in ad spend for views, clicks, leads, and sales.

We're committed to delivering value that not only fits your budget but also maximizes your ROI.

Does this make sense?
Let’s discuss your project and business goals to plan your marketing budget.

Why Should You Consider Netrocket Agency as Your Inbound Marketing Service Provider?

Netrocket team has 10+ years of experience helping clients build Inbound marketing processes, promote their businesses online, and increase sales and revenue. Our experts are certified by Google and other platforms and know how to manage clients' projects properly.

Netrocket is rated in TOP 30 inbound marketing companies in the USA and TOP 50 in the World.

Daniel Dramshev

What sets us apart is our strong Digital Marketing expertise within the highly competitive US market.

At Netrocket we know exactly how to generate valuable traffic with buying intent to acquire clients, sales, and get revenue growth for your business.

Daniel Dramshev
CEO & Founder

Netrocket is TOP Rated and B2B Trusted Inbound Marketing Consultant


Meet Our B2B Inbound Marketing Specialist to Discuss Your Strategy

All our team is in-house and full-time inbound marketing experts dedicated to delivering tangible results.
We work collaboratively on projects, fostering a culture of continuous learning and knowledge exchange. Our team members actively participate in marketing conferences in the USA and Europe, webinars, seminars, and internal learning sessions, allowing us to stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Moreover, we're proud to operate our own internet marketing school, where we not only stay updated but also pass on our expertise to the next generation of marketers. This commitment to constant expertise development is what sets our team apart, making us truly unique and exceptional.

CEO & Founder
Business Developer
Project Manager
Explore real-world examples of how our strategies have delivered exceptional results in client acquisition, sales growth, and revenue expansion. Feel free to pick up any ideas for your business growth.

Testimonials about Inbound Marketing Service from Netrocket

Watch our Clients' testimonials and discover why they trust our B2B Inbound Marketing Agency.

Let’s make Your Business grow 30-45%+ each year!

Ready to take your business to the next level with b2b inbound marketing? Then you landed in the right spot.

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Our team activities
Share your project with us:


    Here are some questions we get regularly:

    Can you perform an B2B Inbound Marketing audit of my website and my Firm visibility?

    Yes, we do an express audit of your website in terms of the current marketing state, we also check how your company is presented now online. It’s free, it’s an investment in our collaboration from our side.
    We usually discuss the results of that mini-audit on a call with you.

    We also have an in-depth analysis of all marketing your company does online and check competitors’ activities during the Discovery Phase at the beginning of working with your project.

    How do I know which Local Inbound Marketing Service I need for a small business?

    We may tell you that right after checking your website. Our Agency has much experience in helping local businesses with growth marketing.

    So, the only thing you need to do is share your project with us: send us the website, and describe your business objectives and challenges.

    We get back to you then to discuss our recommendations on a call.

    Do I need an International B2B Inbound Marketing Agency for my global B2B project?

    For an international B2B marketing, you need a global approach and sometimes multi-language skills in the Agency you work with.

    Our team has served both B2B and B2C companies in the USA, Europe, and Globally. We have an understanding of how to promote businesses internationally.

    So, feel free to share your project with us, let’s see what we can do there.

    How much does it cost and how to budget Inbound Marketing for a Tech company?

    Netrocket is focused on digital marketing for Tech Companies. We know from practice that a Tech Company should consider investing $4500-15000 monthly in its inbound marketing efforts if it works with a B2B sector, and more if it targets the B2C audience because it’s a lot more traffic to get there.

    The budget usually includes:

    1. Team service fees
    2. Content design costs
    3. B2B SEO services costs
    4. PPC costs
    5. Tech support and other expenses

    How soon will I see results in the business from B2B Inbound Marketing services?

    You’ll see the first results 1 month after the kick-off when you start both organic and paid channels. Paid traffic delivers results right away and organic growth takes more time.

    Check out the timeline we described above on this page with 3-6-12-24 months. The best strategic results we start achieving usually after 0,5-1 year of promotion and in 2 years we’re getting that sustainable growth for your business.

    Do you guarantee results? “I’d like to pay only for results”

    There is only one 100% guarantee – we’re all going to die someday! It’s not only about marketing. It’s the same as with lawyers, doctors, psychologists, your in-house employees, etc. It works with a very high probability when you do it right, but still depends on many factors, that are out of our control.

    We offer to focus on a specific result $$$ and do everything to achieve success.

    We are committed to gaining the best possible results and work diligently to meet and exceed your expectations and our common goals. And we are dedicated to delivering exceptional value and ROI for your investment.

    P.S. With some clients, we have agreed on an incentive for extra results, so we have a direct Motivation to do more and go beyond.