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Did you know that 53% of clients use search engines to find websites? At Netrocket, our B2B SEO agency services are tailored to drive targeted organic traffic to your website.

We understand that 99% of all profits go to the companies that rank on Google's first page. With our expertise in B2B SEO, we help your business secure top rankings, ensuring you capture the lion's share of the market.

Our primary goal is to get your website into the coveted TOP 10 of Google search results. By implementing cutting-edge B2B SEO strategies, we maximize your online visibility and boost your profitability in the B2B landscape.

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When you invest in B2B SEO services, you are investing in the future of your business. Our reputable and experienced B2B SEO agency can significantly enhance your online visibility, attracting more targeted leads to your digital doorstep.

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Why investing in B2B SEO services and becoming visible online is extremely important for your business?

Your potential customers search for products and services on Google every single day. In fact, 68% of daily user activity on the web is online search. Search engines help guide users to the best-suited websites that meet their search queries.

Note: Over half of all website visitors, approximately 53%, land on business websites due to:

  • search engines,
  • search engine optimization,
  • and website promotion.

These core elements are essential in building an extremely loyal audience that is more inclined to make a purchase decision. And, B2B SEO leads convert into high-paying clients with a 14.6% conversion rate — better than everyone else.

How to maximize profits with SEO for B2B

Most users rarely go to the second and third pages of Google’s search results - only 0.78% of them visit websites ranked lower than the first page. A study of over 1 billion pages shows that 90% of websites have NO clients originating from search engines.

Why investing in SEO services and becoming visible online is extremely important for your business?

SEO audit for B2B website

Google’s first page generally contains 10 organic search positions. These top 10 pages are SEO-optimized resources picked up by Google as the best variants on a specific key query. All business leaders and young growing companies strive to be among these 10 search results.

Note: 99% of all profits go to the companies listed on the first page of Google.

Every enterprise strives to outperform its competitors and get its website to the TOP-10 on Google’s first page. Ranking on the first page of the search results is a guarantee of high organic traffic and loyal customers landing on your website.

Being among the top 10 means having a more profitable business.

How to Get on the First Page of Google: The Process and Stages of B2B SEO Services

Professional B2B SEO services require analyzing your current project’s health in the context of:


basic optimization and promotion channels


studying the industry and competitors


shaping the project’s SEO-structure


coming up with a smart plan for active full B2B SEO services for the next 6-12 months


and putting it all into practice!

How your website will be SEO-optimized is outlined below, with a review of 5 core steps of B2B SEO.

Search engine optimization process and stages

SEO-audit and technical website optimization

Every SEO project is initiated with detailed and careful analysis. Our B2B SEO expert uncovers everything that is beyond the user’s sight:

  • detect technical errors
  • analyze a website’s structure
  • html-coding and layout
  • check Google Analytics
  • and Google Search Console configurations
  • and investigate other essential elements that need to be optimized during ongoing B2B SEO service.

Based on the audit results, our B2B SEO agency finds all the weaknesses in your website’s health and define what changes need to be made to your website’s optimization. Finally, a B2B SEO consultant translates all these recommendations into a to-do list and an implementation plan that offers the best SEO results.

Performing a website SEO-audit

SE Ranking’s SEO audit

Performing a website SEO-audit

Semrush’s Site Audit

Every business website is a highly dynamic system. Most projects undergo frequent changes that may touch upon the structure of pages, content, and design. They may involve shifting a website to a new CMS (engine), changing a domain name, adding new languages or functionality, or conducting web acceleration practices with a view of enhancing usability.

An audit is a mandatory monthly check-up of your website’s technical health, and B2B SEO is a strong foundation for its promotion.

Competitor and Industry SEO-Analysis

At this stage, the main objective is to analyze major websites that compete with your business for potential customers. Our B2B SEO Agency pays close attention to direct competitors in your industry as well as first-page websites fueled by target search queries.

These websites can be catalogues, price aggregators, listings, marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Airbnb, Etsy, etc.

Our B2B SEO company analyzes the basic SEO indicators of your project: search visibility, traffic, domain age, number of backlinks and referring domains, backlink profile growth dynamics and 20 more metrics that collectively allow us to reverse engineer your competitors’ B2B SEO and what techniques support their ranking.

Competitor and Industry SEO-Analysis

Competition analysis in Semrush

Competitor and Industry SEO-Analysis

Competition analysis in Ahrefs

A detailed analysis of every website and search result in your niche helps us come up with an SEO strategy for your project to outperform your competitors.

Besides specific websites, our B2B SEO agency analyzes the overall state of search results and the difficulties of ranking on the first page and the top of Google.

B2B SEO specialists also research ads and advertising platforms used by competitors to generate more search traffic.

Search results are extremely dynamic: Google updates search results on a daily basis, relying on how different websites are updated. There are a total of 12 major updates in Google’s search algorithm in one year, which substantially affects the listing of websites getting ranked on the first page.

SEO continually evolves, and your website must adapt to these changes.

For this reason, as a B2B SEO agency, we prioritize conducting a market and competitor analysis at the initial stage of the project. We diligently gather niche metrics and perform monthly website analyses to stay ahead of the latest algorithm changes and competitor activities. This enables our B2B SEO experts to respond to any change with precision.

Keywords research. Analysis and selection of keywords. Building your project’s SEO-structure

The collection of keywords for the project is the foundation for active B2B SEO. These keywords are often referred to as keyword research. These words are basically what people type into a search box when surfing the internet. Well-selected search keywords allow you to attract highly interested customers that are currently looking for the product or service you offer.

An average project needs 1000 to 10 000 keywords and phrases that we detect using specialized paid keyword research tools: Keycollector, Serpstat, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google keyword planner.

These tools help our team to identify keywords or phrases people are using to find information in the search engines. Our affordable B2B SEO services include the use of these tools, which allow us to break down monthly search statistics by country and region, including the level of competition for each specific keyword.

Keywords research Ahrefs

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool

Keywords research Semrush

Semrush Keyword Research Tool

Then, the B2B SEO specialist group all queries by meaning and user intent. Along with the client, our B2B SEO agency analyzes and determine which queries are transactional, navigational and informational.

When finished, the data we gather will be fundamental to the B2B SEO services we offer.

Note! We check all query lists and single out irrelevant queries for your project. For instance, SEO for B2B commerce is based on phrases that are not viable in the B2C retail sector. Additionally, B2B SEO expert checks ambiguous keywords to avoid only unnecessary search keywords.

As a result, our B2B SEO consultant builds your SEO plan based on the most relevant target queries.

All query groups are distributed across the website’s pages in order to lead target visitors to relevant landing pages. Based on the project’s SEO-structure, we’ll also develop a content plan.

User queries and wordings change every day. New products appear and new trends rise. Every month, Netrocket B2B SEO agency adjusts the keyword research to find new keywords, extraordinary wordings, commercial and informative queries that contribute to the expansion to increase your site’s search visibility.

Keywords research Serpstat

Serpstat Keyword Research Tool

Monthly On-Page B2B Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO / Internal Website Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO / Internal B2B Website SEO

Our B2B SEO company integrates all the necessary changes and technical modifications your website needs for optimal, organic search engine optimization. Technical SEO is necessary for indexing a website correctly.

On-page SEO involves all activities that happen on your website, including:

  • technical optimization
  • keyword research
  • building a website’s search structure
  • creating new pages and optimizing them for target queries
  • removing unnecessary pages and more.

Our B2B SEO agency ensures continuous on-page optimization as part of our comprehensive B2B SEO services.

Monthly Off-Page B2B SEO Solutions

Off-page SEO are all activities that occur off of your website, on other websites and external media.

Most of these factors consist of intensive work in creating external links, specifically, other websites linking to your website. Our B2B SEO agency utilizes professional SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Serpstat, and SEMrush to analyze and monitor backlink profiles.

Additionally, we’ll remove spam links and build an anchor text list that offers the best results when using our affordable B2B SEO services. An anchor is the text indicated in the URL link.

As a leading B2B SEO agency, we write and publish high-quality content on external websites with backlinks to your project. More importantly, we collaborate directly with website partners that offer digital publishing. Our B2B SEO specialist chooses the best donor websites when placing relevant content to promote your project.

Monthly off-page SEO, website search engine optimization

Off-page SEO / External B2B Website SEO

Note! Our B2B SEO agency never partners with content marketplaces. Instead, interact with digital publishers directly. This safety measure lets us reduce the client’s project budget and acquire exclusive publishing and permanent links that will optimize your website’s SEO over the long term.

Monthly monitoring and SEO metrics

Working on both on-page and off-page B2B SEO marketing on an ongoing basis leads to improvements in the growth of your website and SEO results.

Our B2B SEO agency keep track of key SEO metrics of your website’s promotion monthly:

  • Monitor the TOP-100 target keywords for your project.
  • Record changes to the number of visitors from search engines — organic traffic.
  • Analyze user behavior on different types of pages.
  • Keep track of the total number of keywords visible to Google.
  • Record the number of search engine results with your website.
  • Monitor the time visitors spend on your website and other essential metrics.

In-depth analysis! As a trusted B2B SEO agency, we meticulously keep track of 30 to 50 metrics in every single project to assess the effectiveness of various SEO activities. Furthermore, our primary focus is on determining the potential profit you can generate from your SEO traffic.

60% of market research analysts state: organic search traffic (SEO-traffic) is the most valuable source of potential customers. Investing in Search Engine optimization is the best kind of investment for improving your business’s position online, which helps you sustain long-term profits.

Netrocket B2B SEO company build a detailed SEO strategy for the next 6-12 months at the end of our 1st month working together. Then, B2B SEO expert starts implementing this plan step by step on a monthly basis.

Monthly monitoring and SEO metrics

Ahrefs for Off-page SEO

When does B2B SEO services show results?

Every website is unique, and as a dedicated B2B SEO agency, we consider multiple factors when determining the pace of B2B SEO promotion. We typically identify the following phases, each yielding varying levels of results:

Increased website visibility — key queries are among the TOP-100 search results on Google. Your website becomes visible to the search engine for different keywords. You start observing good dynamics in your website’s ranking, but it doesn't bring more traffic on this stage, only rankings receiving some positive dynamics.


From now on your business may feel the first visible results of your site’s traffic growth. Here the keywords usually start to bring the first traffic to a website.


All the essential metrics, including website traffic, ranking, and the number of visible keywords, demonstrate substantial improvements with the support of our B2B SEO agency. Based on these positive results, we can strategically plan to scale and further increase SEO traffic and profitability.

Remember, professional white hat B2B SEO services take time. It’s a long time investment.

The speed and timing of results achieved through our B2B SEO agency services are determined by the following factors:

  • Basic website readiness to SEO for B2B — the scope of necessary.
  • Amendments and technical adjustments at the start.
  • The client’s team’s willingness to actively interact with our B2B SEO experts and consultants.
  • Website and domain age as the strongest factor in website ranking.
  • Industry competition — the more intense the competition, the more investment in a website’s promotion will be necessary.
  • budget — higher investments in SEO increase your chance of reaching top-ranked positions faster.

Increase in organic traffic

Increase in organic traffic 

B2B SEO Agency results

SEO is Netrocket’s top priority, and it represents the core expertise of our team. Check out our B2B SEO case studies, showcasing the achievements we have made for clients just like you.

Best SEO Case Studies

B2B Local SEO is Netrocket’s top priority area, key expertise proved in the results of our work.

The best of our SEO case studies are usually a result of long-term collaborations and partnerships, lasting from 6 months to a year, and longer.

Our clients

Our B2B SEO experts are customer-oriented and take care of our client’s business needs by choosing the right set of tools to promote their websites online. Besides our diverse SEO experience, our team has proficient marketing skills, which allows us to select the best SEO strategy promoting your business online together with other online marketing activities.

As a leading B2B SEO agency, we are committed to keeping you informed about the expected outcomes of our professional B2B SEO services.

This approach is vital in maintaining the loyalty of business owners in over 20 countries worldwide. We take pride in being the top provider of B2B SEO services for medium-sized businesses.


We offer profitable SEO services for your business

White-hat SEO tactics only

White-hat SEO tactics only

No use of link exchange. No use of temporary links. We work directly with digital publishers that provide permanent links with an increased focus on basic website optimization, project structure, and website content.

Transparent workflow and collaboration

Transparent workflow and collaboration

Every client is accompanied by an B2B SEO specialist that manages their project. All tasks are fixed in our CRM and the Project Manager remains accessible during working hours. Our clients are always informed of which B2B search engine optimization activities are provided on their website and know exactly when and why it happens.

Working with businesses in highly competitive markets

Working with businesses in highly competitive markets

Our SEO-specialists work on projects for companies operating in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and many more English speaking countries. These markets are known for their intense competition and adapt to SEO changes before most other countries. So, our team gains experience early on to help our clients across the world.

Diverse expertise within SEO-team

Diverse expertise within SEO-team

Experts on our team work on different projects, websites, and CMS’ in a wide-range of industries and regions. This advantage gives us multi-industry expertise and experience in project implementation as businesses grow. We gain knowledge in many areas rather than being limited to one single project.

In-house project development

In-house project development

Annually, we spend $50 000+ on SEO experiments promoting our in-house projects using different new SEO practices and testing. This approach enables Netrocket’s experts to continuously enhance their professional skills and competencies. We invest in our education and experience that together bring our clients outstanding results.

High-quality SEO-tools - we spend a total of $2000/ monthly. You save!

High-quality SEO-tools - we spend a total of $2000/ monthly. You save!

We keep track of your project’s status daily and employ paid SEO software: Ahrefs, Serpstat, Semrush, Netpeak Spider, SEranking, Netpeak Checker, Screaming Frog, Sitechecker, and other services. This lets us process big data and respond to any change rapidly. Using all these SEO tools in-house is way more expensive than availing services from a B2B SEO agency.

SEO-promotion effectiveness and profit metrics

From day one, we keep track of over 30 website metrics to monitor the results of our website optimization. After 6 months, we start calculating the cost of SEO-traffic monthly. The client is updated on their website’s ranking and visibility as well as provided with specific profit figures. Monitoring allows for assessing the financial effectiveness of SEO at all stages of project growth.
different tools are used for your SEO
experts, or more, work on each project
2000 $
in spent on SEO-tools monthly

Our team. SEO experts who will work on your project

Netrocket is a united team. We value our deep expertise and vast knowledge, and we are also proud of the people working at Netrocket: result-oriented, initiative, and qualified.

Every team member has their own specialization and unique professional and life experience.

We are all lifetime learners with an extreme passion for SEO-related learning and knowledge-sharing that we practise in our Netrocket-based SEO-school, which educates a young generation of SEO specialists. It is our teamwork and close collaboration that make each one of our projects a success.

SEO Lead


What is B2B SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The purpose of B2B SEO is to optimize a website’s pages to let search engines, like Google, know what the site is about. SEO also involves the use of content marketing to gain natural links from other websites and build credibility.

Effective SEO can help improve a website’s rankings in the search results. The higher the rankings, the more traffic your website will receive.

While website owners can do SEO in-house, many find that it’s more effective to use affordable B2B SEO services.

How does B2B SEO work?

SEO is complex and multi-faceted. Professional B2B SEO services typically begin with a site audit to determine which pages and content should be optimized. Page titles, meta descriptions, image Alt text and content editing may be performed to make the page more search engine friendly. This process is known as on-page SEO.

Affordable B2B SEO agency services may also include guest posting and creating blog posts for the client’s website to drive traffic and gain valuable backlinks. This process is known as off-page.

How do I know which B2B SEO Services I need?

If you’re new to the world of SEO, you may not know what the process entails or which B2B SEO services you may need. Our team can help you determine which services may benefit your website and which ones you may not need.

Can you perform an SEO audit on my website?

Yes, our team can perform both an SEO audit and a technical audit. Our auditing process includes:

  • Auditing robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.
  • Monitoring of page load speed.
  • Identifying pages that have 404 errors, redirect issues or improper functioning of robots.txt files.
  • Content analysis. We check your website’s content to identify areas for optimization, such as H1 header use, meta descriptions, uniqueness and more.
  • Backlinks profile analysis.
  • Analysis of organic traffic and top traffic pages.
  • etc.

A thorough audit is the first step in the SEO process. It helps our team get a clear picture of where you’re starting and what we need to do to optimize your website.

Who will work on B2B SEO services for your website?

At least 7 different experts will be actively involved in developing your project:

  • The project manager is responsible for communication between the client and the B2B SEO expert team. Managers also set up and manage workflows from start to finish.
  • The SEO Team Leader is at the head of the B2B SEO specialists and in charge of the SEO strategy for your website.
  • B2B SEO experts implement the SEO strategy and supervise the content manager and developer.
  • Content manager is responsible for content creation based on the SEO strategy.
  • Copywriter writes unique texts according to specifications provided by the B2B SEO consultant.
  • Linkbuilder ensures that your website is referenced on other websites.
  • Developer takes part in the project when any technical fixes needed or tech errors occur.

How soon will I see results in the business from B2B SEO services?

SEO takes time. First visibility movements are supposed to be after 3-4 months. After 6-12 months usually to get the traffic. There’s no way to estimate when you will see results because there are so many factors involved. The biggest factor is that no one knows all the factors that Google considers when ranking websites. Some keywords and industries are easier to rank for than others because there’s less competition.

While it’s impossible to estimate when you’ll see results, you can expect it to take at least several months.

Guaranteed B2B SEO-services

SEO can be compared to medicine or law. An attorney cannot be 100% sure that they’ll win a case as the decision is made in court. Similarly, patient outcomes aren’t just a result of the doctor’s skills but also the patient’s immunity. There are no guarantees of recovery or victory in both situations.

Yet, we accept that we desperately need professional assistance.

SEO doesn’t give a 100% guarantee of getting you to the TOP search positions for specific keywords or bringing you to a certain level of monthly traffic because too many factors affect the outcome. The role of any SEO specialist is to keep on top of the latest changes: monitor quarterly updates of Google SERP ranking rules, constantly improve the quality of pages and website as a whole.

On our end, we can guarantee that we will fulfill our SEO obligations to optimize your website, improve its visibility in search engines, and increase the number of visitors to your website.

B2B SEO Services Pricing and Budget For One Website

SEO budget usually starts from $1,500 per month and is up to $8000 per month.

Once our B2B SEO agency understands your business needs and expectations of search engine optimization, we will conduct a website audit, analyze your major competitors and build a SEO strategy. You’re the only decision-maker here, guided by your budget and business ambitions.

Our clients receive a detailed report on the scope of the B2B SEO services we provide and the cost of each service.

There are NO hidden costs or surprise fees. We are transparent about our pricing and billing, so you know exactly how much our reliable B2B SEO services will cost.

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