Facebook Business Page Recovery

Setted up new Facebook business page

Created a new Facebook Pixel

Handeled Domain Verification Issues

Client Issue: Losing Access to Facebook Business Page

Client Issue: Losing Access to Facebook Business Page


About the Project

  • Industry: SaaS
  • Target Region: USA, Canada

The project develops advanced software for appointment booking and queue management. Their solutions synchronize scheduled and unscheduled appointments, enabling efficient handling of various meeting types, including face-to-face, video, or phone interactions.

Companies in many industries are using their services, and having a solid online presence is crucial. Platforms like Facebook are great for connecting with customers and spreading the word about services.

However, many companies must remember how to secure your Facebook business page and manage your social media accounts properly.


The Challenge

Our client had a big problem with their Facebook business page security. At first, they set up their Facebook page and Meta Business Manager account. However, the page and business account were linked to a former employee’s personal Facebook account. When the employee left the company, the client couldn’t get into their own business’s Facebook stuff. They had zero access, control, or a way to manage their settings on the page or ad accounts.

Without access to the Facebook page, the client couldn’t manage posts, respond to customer inquiries, or update their business information. The inability to monitor and manage the page left the business vulnerable to potential reputational damage, teaching us all the lesson of how to give admin access to the Facebook business page to a single team member is wrong. Also, our client faced Facebook advertising issues. They couldn’t access their ad account, which resulted in missed advertising opportunities and a wasted marketing budget.


Execution / Optimization Process

During the audit, some problems were identified on the site:

  • 404 pages;
  • site speed;
  • homepage duplicates;
  • incorrect sitemap.xml;
  • 301 and 404 URLs in the site content;
  • poor schema markup;

After a certain period, these problems were solved.

Recognizing the situation’s urgency, we devised a comprehensive plan to regain social media account security and ensure it wouldn’t happen again.

We followed these steps:

  1. Create a New Facebook Page:

    • We helped the client set up a new Facebook business page.
    • This time, we ensured the page was linked to a current, trusted employee’s account, ideally the business owner.
  2. Setup Meta Business Manager Correctly:

    • We established a new Meta Business Manager account.
    • Added multiple admins to the business manager to ensure redundancy and prevent single-point failures.
  3. Define Clear Roles and Permissions:

    • Clearly defined roles and permissions within the business manager to control who has access to what.
    • Trained the client on how to manage these roles to avoid similar issues.
  4. Create a New Facebook Pixel and Verify the Domain:

    • Created a new Facebook Pixel for tracking and analytics.
    • Verified the client’s domain within Meta Business Manager to ensure proper integration and functionality of the Pixel.
  5. Handling Domain Verification Issues:

    • If the domain was previously verified by another business, we guided the client through the process of reclaiming the domain.

This involved:

  • Contacting the Previous Verifier: Reaching out to the business or individual who initially verified the domain and requesting a transfer of verification.

  • Support from Facebook: If direct contact was not possible or unsuccessful, we assisted the client in contacting Facebook support to prove ownership and request the domain be released from the previous verification.

  • Proof of Ownership: Providing necessary documentation to Facebook, such as domain registration records, business licenses, and other relevant legal documents to establish ownership of the domain.

  • Request Removal of Old Page from Business Manager Owners: Sent requests to the owners of the previous business manager, which included our old page, requesting the removal of our old page from their business manager.

  • Rebuilding Facebook Presence: Started fresh with content creation, leveraging our SEO strategies to regain their audience quickly.

Used targeted ad campaigns to re-engage with their previous followers and attract new ones.

Facebook Business Page Recovery
Facebook Business Page Recovery

The Results

After following these steps for Facebook business page recovery we:

  • Restored Online Presence:

    The client regained control over their Facebook business page and could actively engage with their audience again.

  • Improved Security:

    The client has a secure and resilient setup with multiple admins and clear role definitions.

  • Enhanced Engagement:

    The new page quickly gained traction, and its follower count grew steadily.


Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

Netrocket has successfully resolved issues, implemented strategic optimizations, and achieved amazing results in terms of restoring their online presence.
This situation shows how important it is for businesses to manage and own their social media accounts properly. Companies can avoid losing control over their online presence if multiple trusted people have admin access and everyone’s roles are clear.

These are key takeaways:

  1. Always link your business pages to accounts owned by current, trusted employees.
  2. Utilize Meta Business Manager to manage roles and permissions effectively.
  3. Regularly review and update access permissions to reflect staff changes.

Learn from our clients’ experience to strengthen your business’s social media presence and keep the conversation going with your audience. If you need help managing your social media accounts, Netrocket agency is here. Get in touch today for more detailed guidance!

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