Search Engine Marketing for Apartments: +17% Increase in Organic Clicks in Miami


conversion rate increase


keywords in the top 10


clicks from Google

The number of clicks, impressions and CTR over the last 3 months compared to the previous period, according to Google Search Console.


About the Project

  • Industry: Real Estate.
  • Target Region: Miami, USA

This project is a successful Miami-based company offering the sale and rental of apartments in the most desirable neighborhoods. The niche is very competitive, and to gain recognition and a decent amount of leads, you need to have a good digital marketing strategy. Starting from organic SEO services they needed to leverage search engine marketing for apartments, increase traffic, and generate more leads through effective apartment search engine optimization.


The Challenge

Our client had a goal to increase their visibility on Google, especially for the top 10 most important search terms related to luxury real estate for rent and for sale in Miami.

Facing challenges such as limited visibility and the absence of an SEO strategy – we proposed to create one, to achieve a top-5 ranking for as many keywords as possible, improve the optimization of existing pages, and increase the number of inquiries.
With the right approach, this goal may not become that distant.

That’s why we conducted a site audit, analyzed competitors, and then created a promotion strategy that included On-page and Off-page promotions. Read on to discover how our SEO agency achieved growth in the three key metrics (rankings, traffic and leads) within the first three months with apartment search engine optimization.


Execution/Optimization Process

During the audit, some problems were identified on the site:

  • internal technical issues
  • incorrect metatags, titles, headings, etc.
  • non-SEO friendly URL links
  • unindexed URLs in the Google Search console
  • and server response time

Ater a certain period, these problems were solved.

Technical audit

We started with a technical audit, and identified any remaining technical errors that could prevent optimal site ranking.

Keyword Research

Continue with the keyword selection.
We collected the most relevant and less competitive keywords that potential clients use to search for Miami real estate, and
clustered them by page.


Metadata was optimized as well based on the collected keywords. Meta tags, including titles, descriptions, and headings, to increase page visibility in search engines.


The backlinks strategy was also absent,
so we created one, to improve rankings and trust from authoritative resources, with high-quality external links.

After improving these points, we used analytic tools to monitor traffic, site behavior, keyword effectiveness, and search engine rankings. To be aware of the success of our strategy, or adjustments if some needed to be made.

Within just 3 months, this client achieved wonderful results in search engine marketing for apartments. The real estate industry is highly competitive, but the results will satisfy you with the right SEO strategy.


The Results

Clicks increased by 17% and impressions by 4%. The CTR improved from 1.7% to 2%.

Position for the last 3 months

The number of clicks, impressions, and CTR for the last 3 months in comparison to the previous period in accordance with GSC data.

Organic traffic

Commercial organic traffic (to service pages) over the last 3 months compared to the previous period. Clicks increased +14.3%, impressions increased +9%

Organic traffic the last 3 months

Over the last 3 months, there has been a significant increase in traffic compared to the previous period. Clicks are up +23.3%, while impressions are up +16.2%

Comparison of traffic volume and number of leads

Comparison of traffic volume and number of leads from organic search over the last 90 days.

Traffic increased by 11%, and the number of applications rose by nearly 10% according to GA4.

According to Ahrefs, the amount of organic traffic was 46,500 at the end of November 2023.

Ahrefs data

At the end of February 2023, according to Ahrefs data, the volume of organic traffic reached 55,600. This represents an increase in traffic of 19.5%.

Organic traffic metrics

Organic traffic metrics according to Ahrefs after 3 months of work.

Keyword positions

Number of keywords at the beginning of the work

Number of keywords at the beginning of the work

Number of keywords after 3 months of active SEO efforts:

  • Top 1-3 positions: 2,044 keywords (+306).
  • Top 4-10 positions: 6,499 keywords (+169).
  • Top 11-20 positions: 8,581 keywords (-1,165).
Number of keywords after 3 months

Summary/Conclusion Takeaways

As a B2B digital marketing company with 10+ years of experience, Netrocket has successfully improved visibiity for a Miami-based client, specializing in apartment sales and rentals. To bolster their search engine marketing for apartments, the team focused on improving website content relevance and user engagement, which played an important role in the strategy’s success. Thanks to a carefully planned SEO strategy focused on apartment search engine optimization that included: a website audit, keyword optimization, metadata optimization, quality backlink acquisition, and analytics, organic traffic increased by 11%, clicks increased by 17%, and inquiries increased by nearly 10%. There was also an increase in the ranking of key phrases, with a significant increase in their presence in the top 10 search queries.

What conclusions can we draw after working with this project?

Here are a few:

  1. Always start with technical SEO audits: the detection of technical issues on the website will help to rank your website better, will bring a huge difference for your website’s UX, also the possible penalties from Google – can be prevented;
  2. Metadata: correct tags, including titles, descriptions, and headings – will not only help to increase page visibility in search engines but will also make your content on the page more readable and easier to navigate through your whole website for the users;
  3. Track metrics no matter what: in this project we saw how the number of clicks, impressions, and CTR are growing simultaneously. But it’s so far away from the end of the game, keep track of the key metrics regularly. By always keeping an eye on them you’ll always be able to monitor the progress and be aware if some improvements must be made.

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