AMP Pages for SEO: How to Reach TOP 3 in Search Rankings


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About the Project

  • Industry: Construction and Renovation


  • Attract regional traffic from Google search to the website and enhance SEO through optimized pages.

The Challenge

When it comes to WordPress SEO consulting and elevating regional sites with a narrow focus, challenges abound due to the intense competition for each keyword in the top rankings.

Netrocket took on the challenge when approached by a company specializing in flat renovation services. Conducting an exhaustive analysis of their current traffic, we uncovered a significant trend — over 50% of users were accessing the site via mobile devices. To gauge the impact of pages’ AMP on SEO, we strategically implemented them, meticulously tracking and assessing their effects.

traffic from mobile devices

Execution / Optimization Process

In April 2020, as a leading SEO agency for B2B, we took a proactive step by implementing AMP pages for SEO. The focus was on optimizing download speed, a crucial element in enhancing user experience.

download speed

The Results

The traffic growth percentage from March to May.

Traffic growth from March to May

Indeed, some fluctuations can be attributed to the seasonality of the business, but there’s also a noteworthy uptick in positions. Before implementing our strategy, the website held positions between 11 and 20 for critical regional keywords. After introducing AMP pages for seven crucial keywords, we witnessed a remarkable ascent, propelling the website into the coveted TOP 3.
This positive outcome underscores the synergy between our strategy’s AMP pages and SEO, showcasing the effective collaboration facilitated by our WordPress SEO agency expertise.

positions after the launching of AMP

AMP pages play a crucial role in our website’s traffic, constituting 16% of the total site traffic and a significant 42% organic mobile traffic. This highlights the remarkable impact of our strategic implementation of AMP page SEO in driving user engagement for both overall and mobile-specific traffic.

traffic to AMP pages

Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

Introducing AMP pages is a strategic and impactful SEO approach, mainly when a substantial portion of organic traffic originates from mobile devices. Leveraging Google’s preference for AMP in rankings and their exceptional loading speed enhances the user experience by reducing bounce rates and increasing page views. We successfully orchestrated a notable surge in traffic by implementing AMP pages, catapulting the website into the highly coveted TOP 3 positions for critical keywords.
This accomplishment underscores the analytical precision and expertise in optimizing the site’s performance through AMP pages.

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