SEO for Live-Streaming Camera Manufacturers Using Wikipedia


backlinks from a domain with a Domain Rating (DR) of 96


on Google for specific keyword searches


Google users each month visit the material

Incoming links from Wikipedia to the website of the PTZ camera manufacturers online store

Inbound links from Wikipedia to the manufacturer’s PTZ camera online store site


About the Project

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Promotion Region: USA
The client’s company produces PTZ cameras with zoom and remote control capabilities through a mobile app, allowing for automatic patrolling of territories, with the ability for operators to remotely adjust viewing angles if needed.

The Challenge

Competing in the online marketplace can be challenging for website owners and marketers alike, especially for manufacturing companies. One of our recent projects involved working with a robotic camera manufacturer struggling to increase its online visibility and stand out from its competitors. We faced the daunting task of breaking through the noise in an oversaturated market to capture the attention of potential customers.

This is where our expertise as manufacturing SEO experts came to the rescue. We helped the manufacturer carve out a unique position in the market, increase brand recognition, and drive significant website traffic. However, maintaining and improving the online presence of any manufacturing company is an ongoing challenge that requires constant effort.


Unconventional Solution

To achieve these goals, our SEO specialists proposed a unique strategy: leveraging Wikipedia for brand enhancement. This involved updating existing Wikipedia material and incorporating a new primary photo featuring the client’s camera silhouette. The aim was to strengthen brand visibility and provide effective SEO services for B2B companies.


Wikipedia Page BEFORE Publication

Before: The Wikipedia page lacked the client’s brand visibility.
Wikipedia Page BEFORE Publication
Wikipedia Page BEFORE Publication

Wikipedia Page AFTER Publication

  • New text
  • Image of the client’s camera
  • Links to the client’s site and other PTZ camera manufacturers
  • More than 20 internal links to other Wikipedia articles
  • 9 external links to other valuable articles about installing and setting up PTZ cameras — 3 are to articles in our client’s blog, 1 – link to a top-notch outreach material with a link to the promoted online store.
Wikipedia Page AFTER Publication-1
Wikipedia Page AFTER Publication-2
Wikipedia Page AFTER Publication-3
Wikipedia Page AFTER Publication-4


  • The Wikipedia article became more useful for readers.
  • For targeted keywords, it ranked in the top-5 of Google. Now we can refer to it from blog materials on the site.
  • We got multiple mentions of the client’s brand in the material, viewed by over 2300 Google users each month.
  • Received 4 backlinks from a domain with a Domain Rating (DR) of 96.
  • Opportunity to add outbound links to the Wikipedia article in blog posts, as outbound links are very significant for SEO.
Result of SEO Promotion of a PTZ Camera
Results of SEO Promotion of a PTZ Camera
Incoming links from Wikipedia to the website of the PTZ camera manufacturers online store

Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

When promoting a B2B business through SEO, it’s not enough to merely have a good grasp of the tools and search algorithms. To stand out from the crowd, it’s crucial to approach the situation from a unique angle and identify promising solutions that may not be immediately apparent. For instance, if you’re offering WordPress SEO consulting services, you’ll need to develop strategies tailored to the specific needs of WordPress users. Since every business has its nuances, an SEO specialist will use different methods to lead the project to success in each case.


  1. Navigate the Crowded Digital Landscape: Understand that the struggle to establish a prominent online presence is shared across industries. Acknowledge the challenges of standing out in a crowded digital landscape, and actively seek innovative strategies to differentiate your brand.
  2. Welcome Creative Solutions: Recognize that conventional SEO tactics may not always suffice in today’s competitive environment. Adopt creativity and explore unconventional avenues, such as collaborating with authoritative platforms like Wikipedia, to bolster your brand’s visibility and credibility.
  3. Addressing the Pain Points: Identify website owners’ and marketers’ common challenges – from battling for visibility to navigating complex algorithms. By acknowledging these shared pains, you can better empathize with your audience and tailor your strategies to offer meaningful solutions.
  4. Leverage Collective Insights: Engage with communities to share insights and experiences. By tapping into collective wisdom, you can gain valuable perspectives and discover innovative approaches to overcome common challenges.
  5. Persistence Pays Off: Understand that success often requires perseverance and adaptability. Don’t be deterred by initial setbacks or the enormity of the challenge. Stay focused, iterate your strategies, and remain resilient in your pursuit of online success.


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