SEO for Medical Website Success: Achieving 65% of Target Keywords in the TOP 10 After Just 1 Year


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16 442 users in March 2021

After implementing SEO for the medical website, and following a year of dedicated SEO efforts, in March 2021, the site was visited by 16,442 users.


About the Project

  • Industry: Medical services
  • Feature: Local SEO promotion
  • Purpose: Develop a website for a regional medical center and optimize it for medical clinic SEO to boost its online presence.

Our client’s website is a full-service medical center that offers services for both children and adults, including pediatric and adult dentistry. The Netrocket team was tasked with creating an SEO-friendly website that meets the client’s requirements and promotes it to the top of search engine rankings in the shortest possible time, with a focus on SEO for medical clinics.


Execution / Optimization Process


  • Competitor analysis, including an assessment of SEO for medical clinics. According to the market analysis, no good examples of well-ranked competing sites exist in the target region. Therefore, our SEO specialists analyzed sites aimed at other areas, focusing on SEO for medical clinics.
  • Keyword research to create an SEO structure tailored for the website.
  • Website creation.
  • Developed a content plan and wrote optimized content.

On-page optimization

  • Technical optimization of a website:
    – Generating user-friendly URLs
    – Creating correct Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files
    – Elaborating the internal linking structure of the site
    – Implementing two types of micro markup: and Open Graph
    – Optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, headings (H1 – H6), and Alt attributes for images which are specifically tailored to enhance medical SEO services.

Off-page optimization

  • Analyzing competitors’ backlinking profiles to identify effective link-building strategies.
  • Creating an anchor list tailored for promotion purposes.
  • Carefully selecting high-quality donors within the medical niche.
  • Strategically publishing articles on relevant thematic resources to increase visibility and credibility, focusing on SEO for doctors and medical practices.
  • Placing press releases to garner attention and attract potential patients.
  • Registering in directories and catalogs relevant to the medical field to expand online presence and improve search engine rankings.

Content Creation

We spent a lot of time on this stage. Our aim was to find copywriters who could meet our requirements, including the ability to write with SEO in mind and understand the specific needs of the medical business.

We had several long discussions with the client, during which we made many corrections to the articles. As doctors would be reading them, it was important to ensure that all keywords were preserved, with a particular focus on SEO services for WordPress. However, the doctors insisted that we avoid using unprofessional names for procedures, symptoms, and diagnoses in the texts.

An interesting example is the use of the term ‘panoramic X-ray.’ While doctors preferred to use the professional term ‘orthopantomogram,’ we suggested to the client that the simpler name of the procedure would be more effective in attracting organic traffic and potential clients to the website. After all, the target audience is not medical professionals, but people who are looking for this specific service. Moreover, the keyword volume of ‘panoramic X-ray’ was significantly higher than ‘orthopantomogram,’ with the former being used three times more often.


The Results

In March 2021, our website experienced a significant increase in traffic, with 16,442 users visiting. It’s worth noting that 65% of the targeted keywords secured a spot in the top 10 search results, a total of 1,080 search queries out of 1,660 analyzed. These remarkable achievements resulted from our strategic optimization efforts within just one year.

Moreover, the website’s organic traffic continues to witness steady growth, indicating the sustainability of our approach.

top 10
65% of keywords are in the TOP-10

After delving deeper into the analytics, Serpstat revealed that the website is now ranked for nearly 40,680 relevant queries, strengthening its position as a key player in the online medical services sector.

Organic Keyword

Site visibility graph according to Serpstat:

Site visibility graph according to Serpstat

Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

Our experience highlights the effectiveness of a comprehensive and well-planned approach to SEO. Despite the challenges associated with the medical field, our team met and exceeded expectations by creating high-quality content and tirelessly optimizing the website. As a result, we achieved top rankings on search engines.

Key Highlights:

  • Creation of a comprehensive medical center website with user-centric design and functionality.
  • Development of tailored content plans and meticulous content creation to resonate with target audiences.
  • Successful promotion of the site, securing TOP 10 rankings for 1,080 search queries.
  • Continuous optimization efforts to sustain and enhance organic traffic growth.

Our success story demonstrates the effectiveness of implementing strategic SEO practices for achieving tangible business outcomes. As website owners, incorporating these insights can significantly enhance your online presence and increase visibility, engagement, and conversions. In conclusion, leveraging SEO strategies can help you reach new heights in the digital landscape and drive your business toward success.

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