SEO for Leather Phone Accessories: How to Dominate the Market


traffic in USA


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organic traffic to the online shop for cases

Results for the three-month period from May to July 2022.


About the Project

  • Industry: Mobile device accessories made from leather
  • CMS: Shopify
  • Promotion Region: the USA


  • to expand the structure of the website
  • to increase organic traffic

Execution / Optimization Process

  • Our experienced Shopify SEO consultant conducted a comprehensive SEO assessment of the Shopify website. We provided guidelines to developers for fixing technical issues and optimizing loading speed.
  • After conducting a thorough keyword research, we analyzed the competitors’ website structure.
  • We recognised the importance of tailoring our approach to diverse regional needs and focused on different SEO strategies for various USA regions. Notably, our emphasis on SEO service in Raleigh, NC, delivered outstanding results in that specific region.
  • For each device, we have created a separate collection and compiled metadata tags.
  • We have created and published written content for all the essential product collections.
  • We have experience working with backlink profiles, which includes outreach articles, crowd marketing, directory registration, and collaborating with bloggers.
  • We have incorporated various types of structured data markup.

Three Months’ Results

Data from May 2022 to July 2022 in GSC and the previous period:

Data from GSC for 3 months

Metrics comparison

Google Analytics

Data from Google Analytics over a period of six months:

Data from Google Analytics for 6 months


Ahrefs tool’s data on organic website traffic:

Organic traffic data from Ahrefs tool


Here is the organic traffic data obtained from the Semrush tool:

Organic traffic data from Ahrefs tool

The Results

Our approach is rooted in precision and data-driven decisions in the dynamic landscape of digital inbound marketing. Our holistic Shopify SEO services have resulted in a remarkable +128% increase in organic traffic to cases and other online leather accessories stores in the competitive USA market. These results, spanning three months, are a testament to the power of our strategic SEO initiatives.

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  • A commitment to elevating your brand’s online presence in the ever-evolving digital space

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