How to reach TOP 3 using AMP pages

  • Niche: Construction and renovation
  • Purpose: Attract regional traffic from Google search to the website

I’ve implemented AMP pages, achieved an increase in traffic, and brought the website to the TOP 3 for the main keywords.

Promotion of narrowly focused, regional sites is always a challenge for the SEO and intense competition for each keyword in the TOP.

Therefore, when a company providing flat renovation services contacted me, I carefully analysed the existing traffic and saw that more than 50% of users browse the site from mobile devices.

traffic from mobile devices

1 Our actions

I’ve decided to implement AMP pages, which was done in April 2020. I made sure that the download speed is at a very high level.

download speed

2 Results

Traffic growth from March to May:

Traffic growth from March to May

Of course, this can be explained by the seasonality of the business, but I also see an increase in positions. Before the start of work the website had 11-20 places on the main keywords in the region. After the launching of AMP pages for 7 keywords, the website entered the TOP 3.

positions after the launching of AMP

At the moment, traffic to AMP pages accounts for 16% of the total traffic to the site and 42% of free mobile traffic.

traffic to AMP pages

3 Conclusions

The introduction of AMP pages is an effective SEO method if a significant proportion of organic traffic to the website comes from mobile devices. Google gives AMP pages an advantage in ranking, and their high loading speed improves the user factor: the number of bounces decreases and the number of viewed pages increases.

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