Beware of SEO and Digital PR Scams – Protect Your Business

Warning! SCAM alert. For anyone who does SEO or digital PR, publishes their content, or works with contractors. Especially with contractors like our company, when you don’t manage the process.

Check out the examples of emails you may get as a website owner who does any SEO or PR activities for your project. Our team Netrocket – B2B Digital Marketing Agency and some of our clients receive emails, where some guys are stating that we’re missing some payment for the article placement… if we didn’t lead the process, that might scare us.

So it sometimes works for our clients when they receive such an email, they are very surprised firstly like – “What are you doing there? I received some inquiries for the payments, and it somehow connected to your SEO promotion things..”

SEO Scam

SEO Scam

SEO Scam

What is the trick here?

The scammers just scan websites, and if they see a new article with a backlink inside it, they assume it may be a process of sponsored content placement.
Then, they reach out to a website owner or representative in order to push them to pay for that.
I’m sure it works on some low % conversion. Otherwise, they wouldn’t do this.
See the screenshot at the bottom – they are tracking the delivery, open rate, and so on.

The main takeaway

Just be aware of that. And don’t rush to send any payments as a reaction to any similar emails or requests, even if they’re made in a better quality than these ones.

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.