Part #1. What? Again…

Look at this SEO Traffic Drop during the last two months – 50%, even more than half of organic traffic is lost. that may also mean 50% of Revenue is lost somewhere in the business.
Is it Google Helpful Content Update, or E-E-A-T, or smth else? looks similar to what I showed in my previous post on the video, check it out.

Did you experience the same on any of your projects recently?

seo traffic drop example

Let’s play a guessing game! Share your ideas about what could cause such a decrease on a website in this case. Write your answer in LinkedIn comments here.

In the next post later today, I’ll give you a bit more info, on what happened here and will define the guessing game winner!)

PS: just for the info about 3 Google updates that happened in Sep-Oct.

September 2023 Helpful Content Update

Helpful content updates promote more original, helpful content written by people, for people, rather than content made primarily for search engine traffic. Google mentioned that this update improved the classifier. This update was released on October 4 and was completed on September 28th.

October 2023 Spam Update

This update to Google’s spam detection systems will improve their coverage in many languages and spam types. It aims to clean up several types of spam that were reported in Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, Chinese, and other languages. It targets cloaking, hacked, auto-generated, and scraped spam. This update was released on October 4 and was completed on October 20th.

October 2023 Core Update

Core updates involve large changes to Google’s algorithm aimed to make the results better. They’re generally focused on E-E-A-T or Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These updates can cause significant shifts in ranking. This update was released on October 5 and was completed on October 19th.

So, guess what’s wrong with the website?

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.