How offline event worked for our B2B company?
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My first experience presenting Netrocket at the 12.000 people offline event. This was actually UPW 2023 Birmingham with Tony Robbins.

How offline event worked for our B2B company

How offline event worked for our B2B company

Shortly, how did it work:

  1. Netrocket got a great visiibility on the event through me: 12k people from 50+ countries offline and XXk people from around the world online.
  2. 80%+ of the audience are business owners or c-level management. Netrocket’s target audience.
  3. A lot of people approached me to talk and asked what is Netrocket and what do we do. A lot of them just searched for “netrocket” and found my contact through the search.
  4. Even next day people continued to come over.

Result is very simillar to our online activities:

  • got visibility,
  • got brand awareness / face awareness,
  • got traffic,
  • got some marketing consulting requests,
  • got new interesting connections,
  • got a lot of Energy)))

That was really cool!

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.