SEO For Crypto Exchange Platform: +319% Keyword Rankings


keywords in TOP-100


keywords in TOP-10

8 months

the period of SEO promotion

Since the start of the promotion, the website's visibility in Google's search engine has increased (Ahrefs service), showcasing the effectiveness of an inbound marketing agency in the SEO for crypto.


About the Project:

  • Niche: Crypto exchange
  • Promotion Region: the USA
  • Objective: Increase targeted organic traffic from the Google search engine + increase the website’s visibility.
  • Promotion Period: February 2022 – October 2022.

Our client is a service provider for cryptocurrency exchange. The primary objective was to execute effective SEO for a crypto exchange platform in the USA We were tasked with providing SEO for crypto, which included the following goals:

  • Increase targeted traffic from organic search.
  • Rank in the top 100 on Google for a greater number of keywords.
  • Rank for more target keywords in the top 10.
  • Increase conversions by optimizing the website user experience.

The Challenge:

As a leading SEO agency for B2B tech, we analyzed the niche and competitors in-depth. Worked on the technical optimization of the website. Carried out a usability analysis of the website. The platform has become more user-friendly and intuitive for users.

Fixed an issue with the relevance of some service pages. For this reason, we used keyword clustering to create the new pages.

The effectiveness of these SEO services for crypto exchange platforms has been demonstrated through cases where clients have seen a significant increase in keyword rankings and conversions. As a result of our SEO consultant services, the number of keywords for which the client has Google rankings has increased by 319%. There was also a 140% increase in the number of keywords in the top 10.

This showcases the power of SEO for online crypto exchange platforms in improving visibility and driving growth.


Execution/Optimization Process:

  • A comprehensive technical and search engine optimization audit of the site was conducted, and as a result, we identified a number of critical errors that were causing the site to be incorrectly indexed by the Google search engine. This prevented the resource from being fully ranked. One of these errors is closed theme styles on a website. As a result, Google Bot will consider the website as non-responsive due to missing styles. Also, pages with 301 redirects in sitemap.xml, which is invalid. All bugs have been fixed by the developer according to our technical specifications.
  • We conducted a competitive and niche analysis and found that the main traffic for this niche is organic. Therefore, the client’s website needs a comprehensive SEO strategy. We have clustered the keywords and collected all the most important ones.
  • We’ve optimized the site’s structure to make it user-friendly and logical for both users and search engines. Indexing of the site has improved with the new site structure.
  • We improved our Click-through Rate (CTR) by creating effective meta tags for exchange pages.
  • We did a user experience analysis of the service. We have tracked the path through the cryptocurrency conversion form all the way to the completion of the transaction. We simplified the conversion process by making the necessary adjustments.
  • While implementing comprehensive SEO work, including SEO for crypto, we started off-site optimization of the website according to the created linking strategy.

The Results:


Chart showing traffic dynamics resulting from the performed SEO activities

Ahrefs graph

The graph shows the visibility of the site in Google SERPs.

Ahrefs graph

On this chart, we can also see growth resulting from implementing new keywords on the site.


The following graph shows the traffic dynamics since SEO was started, especially for the US region:

Ordanic Traffic

The chart showing the site’s visibility in the Google search engine, tracked by the Semrush tool

Ordanic Keywords

The number of keywords in the top 10 of Google for February 2022

February 2022

February 2022

October 2022

October 2022

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Summary/Conclusion Takeaways:

Our tailored B2B SEO strategies have moved our client to new heights, delivering:

  • Increased targeted traffic from Google.
  • Dominance in top positions on Google for crucial keywords.
  • An effortlessly navigable cryptocurrency exchange service.
  • A substantial surge in conversions, particularly in exchanges.

Elevate your B2B crypto exchange platform with our proven SEO expertise – a motivation for sustainable business growth and heightened online visibility. Embrace success with our dedicated SEO solutions tailored for B2B excellence.

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