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Our SEO consulting services are responsible for 200+ projects and over $150 million in revenue generation. At Netrocket, we specialize in B2B marketing, helping companies attract buyers and focus on conversion rates, ROI – KPIs your business can measure.

Your SEO consultant knows that less than 1% of searchers will go beyond the first page of results.

We'll work together to understand your business’s goals and develop a strategy to help drive targeted, organic visitors to your website using cutting-edge optimization practices.

SEO Consulting Services with Expertise in Your B2B Industry

At Netrocket, we understand that your business is unique. You need an SEO consultant who knows your industry and its challenges. That’s where we come in. SEO is more than just the technical aspects. It’s about knowing and understanding your audience, your business and your goals.

Our team is backed by 39 dedicated marketing professionals who bring 12+ years of experience to the table. Over the years, we’ve worked with B2B businesses in a wide range of industries, helping generate 150+ million in revenue along the way. Netrocket has the expertise to help B2B businesses in any industry drive more organic traffic to their sites:

IT Companies







Why 770 Companies Trust Our SEO Consulting Services

Our SEO consulting experts and thought leaders stay on top of recent search changes, adapting to traffic disruptions to drive traffic and leads to your website. 89% of B2B buyers use Google to research before making critical purchases.

We help our clients rank at the top of the search results to keep sales pipelines full of strategic strategies tailored to your company’s needs.

Success comes from:

  • 99% of traffic goes to the first page results. We increase visibility to help your business be found for leading buyer keywords.
  • Technical and on-page SEO to optimize your site for speed, improve user experience and reduce visitor friction in the buying process.
  • Funneling leads to landing pages or educational content on your site to build trust for your brand and increase sales.
  • A lasting, strong SEO foundation that will help your site best serve visitors and continue ranking for keywords over its lifetime.
  • Turn leads into sales. Our team optimizes your site to turn leads into sales, boosting revenue, conversions and ROI.












Agency Focus
Company Focus

The Netrocket Difference: B2B Results for Serious Businesses

Internet marketing drives $14.9 trillion dollars in B2B ecommerce annually. Our SEO consulting company is founded on driving results, improving ROI and offering success that you can measure.

We’ll work closely with your business’s stakeholders to provide strategic results that:

Increase search rankings
Online Visibility
Optimization of your existing and new content will increase your site’s rankings. We begin executing our SEO strategy, boosting your site’s visibility and targeted, organic leads.
Attract target leads
Inbound Leads, Sales and Revenue
Our SEO consultant will tap into your existing content assets to optimize your site for buyer keywords, maximizing your revenue and ROI before we even begin working on search traffic.
Maximize Your Profits with SEO Audit
full SEO audit
Mistakes hurt your business’s revenue. We conduct a full SEO audit, eliminating bad practices that are in place and focusing on strategies that have led to 200+ successful projects and 150M in revenue generation.
Accelerate revenue
attract target leads
In 6 – 12 months, organic leads will flood into your site, entering your sales funnel and filling your sales pipeline. We focus on what matters most – revenue and conversions.
How to Get Started with Our Consulting Services
Do you want to drive more traffic to your site and increase your revenue? Click the button below to get started. An experienced SEO consultant from our team will be in touch shortly to discuss your SEO needs.

Expert SEO Consulting Services That Use Proven Strategies

As your SEO consultant, we’ll work alongside your marketing team to help improve and optimize your current strategies. We’ll start with a thorough review and analysis of your site to identify areas of improvement. Our recommendations are backed by more than a decade of experience in SEO. We know what it takes to achieve results.

Our SEO consulting services and strategies include:

Detailed Keyword Research and Analysis

Effective SEO starts with keyword research and analysis. We'll ensure your website is optimized for profitable, buyer-intent keywords to boost your rankings for the search queries that matter most.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Niche and Competitor Analysis

Our approach to optimizing your site for search doesn't involve unnecessary reinvention. As an SEO consulting agency, we perform comprehensive analyses of both your competitors and niche to uncover effective optimization tactics for application. This strategy accelerates your site's ranking and steers clear of unproven methods.

Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis

Technical SEO Enhancement

Site speed and visitor experience play an important role in SEO. Our experts will conduct a technical SEO audit and analysis.

We’ll focus on improving server performance, increasing your crawl rate and improving the user experience.

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

Professional Content Creation and Optimization

High-quality content is the foundation of every SEO strategy. First, we'll perform an in-depth audit of your content. Then, we’ll work on content development and optimization of your existing content to maximize your organic traffic and revenue potential.

Semrush Content Marketing Assistant

Semrush Content Marketing Assistant

Smart Backlink Building Strategies

Backlinks are the foundation of off-page SEO. We’ll review and analyze your backlink profile to make smart recommendations on how to adjust your current strategies. A solid backlink profile will help improve your rankings faster.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Local SEO Strategies

An estimated 87% of consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses. We’ll help customers find you with effective local SEO strategies that target location-based keywords and drive local traffic to your site – and doorstep. Whether your customers are in the USA or anywhere else in the world, our local SEO strategies can drive more relevant traffic to your site.

‘Google My Business’ Optimization Service

‘Google My Business’ Optimization Service

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

The SEO landscape is constantly evolving. We’ll evolve with it. Our team will continually monitor your site’s performance and make recommendations for improvements along the way. We’ll keep you updated on your site’s progress with regular reports.

Monthly SEO Monitoring Report

Monthly SEO Monitoring Report

Timely, Realistic Results for Your Business

As your SEO consultant, we never overpromise results that we can’t deliver on. We want your site to remain online and receive quality leads 24/7, 365. We’ll conduct a comprehensive site analysis to better understand the results we can deliver.

Common timeline: 6 – 24 months of continuous SEO will drive results.

Our optimization consultant will begin analyzing your site immediately. Research will allow us to begin fine-tuning your site’s pages to begin driving traffic as soon as possible. We'll monitor and report on ranking changes while executing key optimization strategies.
3 Monate
Six months into our optimization efforts, rankings across multiple valuable terms will begin to rise in the search results. An increase in traffic and sales will occur, boosting your company’s revenue.
6 Monate
Over the course of a full year, you’ll notice significant traffic improvements. Your business’s site will become one of your main sources of lead generation, helping increase your revenue and ROI.
12 Monate
After two years of consistent SEO, your site should see even greater results, with improved online visibility and traffic.
24 Monate

Learn More About Our Consulting Services

Our SEO consulting experts are ready to help turn your website into a lead-generation magnet. Your SEO consultant will provide strategic services tailored to your main objectives – and we’ll do it within your budget. What are you waiting for? Click the button below to get started and learn how Netrocket fits in with your business plan — and future success.

Why Clients Worldwide Trust the Netrocket Team

Our SEO consulting services get results across industries, year after year. We've helped hundreds of companies, from small businesses to medium-sized enterprises, increase search traffic and revenue.

Decades of combined experience and a team of industry leaders have helped companies – just like yours – increase revenue by $150 million. But don’t take our word for it. We have 5-star reviews from clients that we’ve helped exceed expectations, surpass KPIs and hit record-high revenues. How?

Comprehensive consulting services powered by industry leaders in:

  • Content management, copywriting, link building, project management, on-page and off-page SEO and enterprise SEO. We have the resources to execute strategic SEO plans on multiple fronts.
  • Team management, allowing all experts on our team to work seamlessly together to increase your rankings and online reputation ASAP.
  • Advanced SEO tools that empower us to crunch your data and analytics to pinpoint key issues faster and more efficiently.
Daniel Dramshev

What sets us apart is our strong B2B experience. Our team knows exactly how to generate valuable traffic with buying intent, which translates into clients, sales, and revenue growth for your business.

Daniel Dramshev
CEO & Founder

See what others are saying about working with our team:

Meet Our Team of Experts

Our SEO consulting experts work together to provide you with an experienced team that you can rely on to improve your site’s rankings and visibility while increasing your brand awareness.
SEO Technical Lead
90+ complete project
Top Rated
SEO Consultant
75+ complete project
Top Rated
SEO Consultant
60+ complete project
Top Rated
SEO Specialist
30+ complete project
Top Rated
SEO Expert
70+ complete project
Top Rated
SEO Expert
60+ complete project
Top Rated
30+ complete project
Top Rated
60+ complete project
Top Rated
Content Manager
60+ complete project
Top Rated
Team Lead
Project Manager
8 years of experience
Project Manager
3 years of experience
Project Manager
4 years of experience
Team of Experts

Testimonials From Netrocket Clients

Our SEO consulting services help clients improve their visibility online and reach their goals. Watch our client testimonials to find out why clients trust our firm with their SEO needs.


What is the role of an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant works as a strategic partner to elevate your online visibility. They perform site audits and analyses to make recommendations on how to improve your rankings. Our professional SEO consulting services include Technical SEO audits, content optimization, backlink audits and more to maximize the impact of SEO.

Why should I hire an SEO consultant for my business?

An SEO consultant provides valuable insight into your current digital strategies and will suggest improvements to help boost your rankings and visitor experience. Consulting agencies, like Netrocket, often have specializations that allow them to provide more relevant and effective advice. For example, you can hire a WordPress SEO consultant to provide specific WordPress-specific recommendations for improving on-page and off-page SEO.

How do your SEO consulting services determine the right strategy for my website?

As your SEO consultant, we’ll review and analyze your current strategy to see where we can make improvements and employ proven strategies to drive results. We take a tailored approach to our services to ensure our recommendations will be relevant and effective for your individual site.

Can SEO consulting services guarantee top rankings on search engines?

Our SEO consulting agency uses the latest and most advanced search engine optimization strategies, but we cannot guarantee top rankings. In fact, no credible and reputable agency can guarantee results. However, our clients typically see great improvements in their organic traffic and rankings from our services.

What ongoing support can I expect from your SEO consulting company?

Our SEO consulting services are backed by a responsive support team. As your SEO consultant, we’re here to help you understand how the process works and answer your questions. We meet with our clients regularly and provide reports, so you’re always up to speed on your site’s progress.

How do I Choose an SEO consultant?

Your consultant needs experience, a track record of success and a team behind them to execute the strategy that they develop. We recommend searching for a specialist – someone who focuses on your industry or CMS.

At Netrocket, we have:

Our team consists of 39 marketing professionals. We’re sure to have experience in your industry.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

SEO is an ongoing process – the work is never done. But our team will begin executing proven strategies to start generating results in just 3 – 12 months. Our long-term B2B SEO services provide consistent traffic to your site.

We’re excited to help your site grow, but we want to be 100% transparent:

  • Results take time
  • 3 – 12 months is the average time to see results

Netrocket works with companies worldwide to increase their online traffic.

You can be next!

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