SEO for Electric Vehicle Companies: Digital Transformation in Just Three Months


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Comparison of metrics from the GSC

Comparison of metrics from the previous 3 months in Google Search Console (GSC) compared to the previous period.


About the Project

  • Niche: Online e-scooter and accessories store
  • Niche Aspects: In-house manufacture of electric scooters
  • Promotion Region: USA
  • Promotion Period: December 2021 — May 2022


  • increase the site’s organic traffic
  • increase conversion rate
  • conduct comprehensive electric vehicles’ keyword research for terms related to e-scooters, accessories, and in-house manufacturing.
  • develop a blog marketing strategy for electric vehicles with informative and engaging content related to e-scooters, safety tips, and industry trends.

The Challenge

Our customer sells e-scooters online in a highly competitive market sector. Among his competitors — are significant retailers such as Adventon and Rad Power Bikes, together with companies specializing in separate fields, particularly Pedego, Juiced Bikes, etc. The customer approached us with an issue with the website’s functionality, which was launched in 2014 on WordPress but currently has around 933 organic users each month, according to Ahrefs data. These numbers were much lower than those of direct competitors.
The task was to increase organic traffic. Additionally, the customer was interested in optimizing the WordPress website for search engines and sought assistance from a reputable WordPress SEO agency to enhance their online presence.


Execution / Optimization Process

To create an effective website promotion strategy, it was necessary to analyze the website for technical issues and address any internal or external promotion challenges. As a result, the following tasks were established:

Technical audit

  • Conducted a thorough technical audit, addressed errors, and formulated a marketing strategy for an electric vehicle website.
  • Eliminated visual errors in site design.
  • Organized the website’s pages into different categories.

On-page SEO

  • Examined our competitors’ websites and added new categories and subcategories to our website’s structure.
  • Collected keywords for the website.
  • Optimized priority pages on our website.
  • Wrote and posted optimized texts for pages. 
  • Optimized the names of sections based on keyword research. 
  • Adjusted internal cross-linking. 
  • Selected relevant topics for the development of the blog and wrote and posted optimized articles.

We initially had a basic website structure that was not optimized for efficient SEO. However, we added over twenty new product subcategories to our existing categories by modifying and enhancing the website’s menu structure. This made the website more user-friendly and search engine-friendly as well.

Off-page SEO

  • Wrote and posted press releases on reputable resources.
  • Conducted registrations in business directories.

Additionally, recognizing the need for expert guidance, our seasoned SEO marketing consultant refined off-page SEO strategies and provided valuable insights for ongoing optimization.


The Results

Comparison of the indicators from the last 3 months in GSC with the previous period.

 Comparison of metrics from the GSC
  • 23.94% increase in clicks on search results
  • A 12.5% growth in impressions
  • CTR growth of 16.1%
  • The average position is up 30.7%
  • The growth of keywords is 54.43%

Number of views and clicks on search results during the past six months:

Growth of impressions and clicks in search results for the previous 6 months

One-year traffic growth graph:

Traffic growth graph for one year

Electric Vehicles’ Keywords data for July 2022:

Keyword query data for July 2022

The results of link promotion

We followed organic linkbuilding principles, which rely on building links naturally over time.

natural dynamics of link building

Our efforts have proven successful in improving our website’s domain rating.

increasing the domain rating

Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

Over six months, our strategic approach yielded remarkable results for our client.

Conducting a meticulous technical website audit revealed critical errors that were swiftly addressed, paving the way for a substantial boost in organic traffic. Throughout this journey, our commitment to excellence led to identifying and resolving both minor and major technical issues, fortifying the foundation for sustained online success.

In tandem, our team executed a comprehensive on-page SEO strategy, integrating new categories and subcategories, optimizing priority pages, and fine-tuning internal cross-linking. Simultaneously, our off-page efforts included strategic business directory registrations and publishing impactful press releases on reputable websites.

The result? A significant uptick in search engine impressions, soaring to an impressive 12.5%, coupled with a 23.94% increase in customers within three months.

One of the standout aspects of our success lies in our specialized focus on regional targeting. Our Wilmington SEO company and its SEO campaign honed in on this region, generating optimal results and reinforcing our capability to deliver targeted outcomes for businesses operating in specific locales.

Our methodology goes beyond routine optimization; it’s a meticulous orchestration of technical proficiency, content excellence, and strategic insight. Our commitment to fixing the minutest details and a holistic approach to SEO positions us not just as service providers but as architects of digital triumph.

If you seek a partner to elevate your online presence, drive targeted traffic, and navigate the intricacies of technical website audits, you’ve found it in us. Your success story awaits, intricately woven into the fabric of our expertise.

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