Google’s March 2024 Core Update: The Crackdown on AI-Generated Content
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It’s Google’s March 2024 Core Update! Again? Yes, and this time, thousands of websites are 100% deindexed due to content quality issues, mostly AI-generated content on the pages.

This is an example of how you can lose $1 million and more after a core update. (I’ll show you the math at the end of the post.)

Google's March 2024 Core Update

Google’s March 2024 Core Update deindexes thousands of websites, targeting AI-generated spam and prioritizing high-quality, expert-level, human-generated content.

What is the Googlebot searching for? It’s targeting low-quality content and AI-generated spam on the websites in search results. Deindexed sites face significant consequences, such as losing organic search traffic and advertising revenue.

Google's March 2024 Core Update

Google's March 2024 Core Update

The deindexing is estimated to result in a monthly loss of $446,552 in displayed advertising revenue across the affected sites (by

Here is my example of the calculation of losses. $$$

You see the website in my example with 5-6 million search traffic, which is now deindexed.

Most of the traffic comes from the USA. We have $10-30 RPM there on AdSense. That means they lost around $100k in AdSense revenue monthly, which is $1.2 million annually. Just like that. Deindexed.

It’s an interesting SEO game! The rules are the same, and if you make a strategic mistake, you lose.

We, as users of search engines, win. We get better content in SERP.
Google follows its mission.

Google's March 2024 Core Update

PS: The study also found that 100% of the affected sites showed signs of AI-generated content, with 50% having 90-100% of their posts generated by AI. — I told you! Many times already. Don’t do that!

We can conclude that Google’s March 2024 Core Update effectively targets websites relying heavily on AI-generated content to manipulate organic search rankings.

Google's March 2024 Core Update