59 Best B2B Marketing Tools: Admix Global’s Proven Arsenal Revealed
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Check out the recently shared list of 59 Best B2B Marketing Tools by Dmytro Sokhach. You may pick up some things to use in your B2B marketing process and make it easier and more effective. And share it further with your colleagues if you like it.

List of 59 Tools We Use at Admix Global

“We spent thousands on tests to compile our top list”, – Dmytro Sokhach.

Analysis and Technical Audit of Websites:

  1. Ahrefs – for comprehensive backlink analysis, keyword research, and site audits.
  2. Semrush is a solution for SEO, PPC, content, and competitive research.
  3. Majestic – for backlink analysis and determining TF/CF of domains.
  4. MOZ is used to determine domain authority (DA) and website spam score.
  5. SEranking is instrumental in tracking website positions.
  6. Sitechecker – for monitoring technical optimization and changes on websites.
  7. Sitebulb is a powerful SEO tool specializing in website structure audit.
  8. Siteliner is used to check for duplicate content within a website.
  9. Sken is an essential SEO tool dedicated to monitoring changes on websites.
  10. Screaming Frog is a crucial SEO tool designed for the technical audit of websites.
  11. Publicwww is a vital SEO tool specialized in searching for hidden links.
  12. Linxact – for searching hidden backlinks.
  13. Bing Webmaster – for searching hidden backlinks.
  14. Similarweb – for website traffic analysis.
  15. Netpeak Spider is an indispensable SEO tool for conducting website audits, offering in-depth analysis and insights to optimize technical aspects and improve overall online performance.
  16. Uptimerobot is a crucial monitoring tool, ensuring website uptime by providing real-time alerts and insights.
  17. Hotjar is an essential tool for auditing user behavior on websites.

Working with Expired Domains:

  1. Spamzilla – for searching expiring auction domains.
  2. Expireddomains – for searching expiring auction domains.
  3. Wayback Machine – domain history.
  4. Namebio  – Domain Name Sales History.
  5. Netpeak Checker streamlines bulk website checks, delivering efficiency in SEO analysis. It aids in evaluating various parameters to enhance the overall performance and visibility of online platforms.
  6. CompleteDNS – for DNS change and domain drops analysis.
  7. SecurityTrails is a tool for DNS change and domain drops analysis.
  8. NameJet is a platform for domain catching.
  9. DropCatch – for domain catching.

Outreach Team:

  1. Hunter, Snov – for finding emails on websites.
  2. Buzzstream – a tool for outreach.
  3. Getprospect, Skrapp – for finding emails in LinkedIn.
  4. Lemlist – email warming.
  5. Briskine – automation and saving templates.
  6. Nofollow extension – highlights nofollow links in text.
  7. SEO META in 1 CLICK – for instant determination of headers, titles, etc.
  8. Speed-links – link indexer.
  9. Help A Reporter – for responding to journalists’ inquiries.
  10. Qwoted – for responding to journalists’ inquiries.
  11. Featured – for responding to journalists’ inquiries.
  12. LinkDetective – checks if a website sells links.

Sales Department:

  1. Apollo – contact database collection.
  2. Hubspot – CRM.
  3. Folderly – email warming.
  4. Linkedin Premium.

Working with Texts:

  1. Copywritely – for uniqueness check.
  2. Grammarly – grammar check.
  3. ChatGPT – research, proofreading, content creation.
  4. Midjourney – image generation.
  5. Jasper – text generation.
  6. Originality – AI detector.

Project Management:

  1. Worksection – for project management.
  2. Airtable – for task management.
  3. Miro – strategy & planning tool.
  4. Google Docs – SOPs.
  5. Docusign, PandaDoc – for contract signing.
  6. Hubstaff – time management tool.
  7. Figma – design projects.
  8. Trello – to-do list.
  9. Upwork, FreelanceHunt, OnlineJobs ph – working with freelancers.

Selling and Buying Projects:

  1. Flippa
  2. Microaquire
  3. Empire Flippers

Do you recognize all the best B2B marketing tools, or might there be new ones in this list? Dive into the realm of B2B marketing with Dmytro Sokhach’s carefully curated selection of 59 essential tools at Admix Global. From SEO to project management, explore an arsenal that could revolutionize your business strategies.

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Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.