How is the CEO of an IT company involved in the SEO process of their company?
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Let this be a post from the “Meet Our Clients” series.

I believe it’s beneficial when CEOs invest time in engaging with SEO as part of their strategic inbound marketing. This approach works exceptionally well for B2B businesses, where each client significantly contributes to revenue $$$, greatly influencing company growth.

Any B2B SEO team needs to hear from the person leading the company, who sets targets and has a strategic vision for general marketing and the company’s future development and growth.

Each year, we hold marketing strategy sessions with our clients, sometimes even twice a year to stay more flexible. We review the results achieved in the previous year, compare them with our plans, and then plan for the next significant period with actions and strategies we’ll be implementing.

This is where we can synchronize our actions and align the Business Strategy with the Marketing plan.

I’m sharing an example of how we meet both offline and online with Igor Izraylevych, CEO of S-PRO – a leading European Software Development Company with headquarters in Switzerland and one of our clients in the IT industry.

S-PRO meeting

I am also sharing some open data showing the results we’ve achieved during our collaboration. I’m not sharing all the internal details, of course. For more details, feel free to check for yourself using any SEO tool like Ahrefs or Semrush and see the rankings in different locations.

S-PRO SEO Results

I am pleased with the results the company has achieved with SEO and wish great success and TOP rankings on all targeted keywords in 2024 and further market expansion each year.

P.S.: As a takeaway – evaluate how much time you invest in your company’s marketing. Also, ensure you’re on the same page with your SEO team regarding target GEOs, keyword rankings, and the business goals you have.

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.