How can you grow your Travel Project by 57-125% in 2024?
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And what are the travel SEO trends for the last 6 years? I’m sharing an example of a travel website we grew from 0 to 5.5 million users over 6 years in the Travel niche, despite all its ups and downs. This case illustrates the potential for SEO (and it applies to all businesses, not just Travel).

If you’re in the Travel industry, you’re aware of how quickly things can change. Everyone remembers the traffic/trend and business drop in 2020.

Let’s review the journey, year by year:

  1. 2018 marked the take-off, with fast growth to 70-80k visitors per month in the first year.
  2. Then, SURPRISE! It was filtered by a Google algorithm update in November 2018, and traffic started to decrease, hitting the lowest point at 8-10k users per month.
  3. It took more than a year of constant work and non-stop investment in SEO and website content to give it a second chance for take-off. Successfully! Congrats!
  4. The website’s traffic surged again from 8k to 145k visitors per month (XXXX% growth) by the end of 2019, before the COVID trend hit the industry in 2020. The travel business slowed almost to zero, and the website’s traffic decreased to around 20k, with traffic but no business. Most of 2021 saw very low demand.
  5. Then came 2022, witnessing the post-COVID recovery along with all travel businesses – a 1000% growth. Wow! This is where your project grows with the market trend if you’ve invested in securing your keyword rankings and top positions.
  6. In the last year, 2023, this project continued to grow, achieving another 50%+ growth on the set targets, overtaking competitors in the niche.
  7. We’re now starting 2024.

We usually set annual growth targets for our projects and build the Travel SEO services and content strategy to outpace other projects in the industry and the market itself.

Most of our travel projects are now targeted to grow by 57%-125% in 2024, and some have already budgeted ambitious goals for X5-X10 growth over two years, 2024-25.

The main takeaway is that by setting long-term goals for your project, you’ll achieve them, sooner or later, despite the ups and downs. This case study proves it over a 6-year period.

..To be continued.

P.S.: My old friends know I have over 10 years of personal experience in the Travel industry, working with air ticket projects, flight compensations, railway tickets, tour operators, GDS solutions, Travelport booking systems, IATA Agencies, B2B travel niches, directing traffic to, rental car projects, etc.

If you have a travel project and want to discuss growth opportunities for 2024-25, let’s book a meeting.

I’m open to mentoring a couple of projects this year to help them achieve growth of 57-125%, like the brands we work with. Or to generate XX% more revenue than you’ve planned.

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.