What software to use for Webinars or Podcasts?

Daniel Dramshev

CEO & Founder
February 23, 2024
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What software to use for Webinars or Podcasts?
Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

I know that live streaming, webinars, and podcasts work very well for B2B marketing and Brand Awareness.

This is gonna be a part of our marketing activities this year. So I started testing software and processes for the best and easiest way of doing it.

I took the first test with our video production partner Viacheslav Skripnik.

Sharing with you how it looked) There were two of us in the beginning and then one more Daniel joined)) from an additional camera.

We’ll play with videos and audios we’ve got from this test stream and see how it worked and what we need to be aware of while doing the real podcasts.

PS: one tiny insight I’ve learned during this test – if you’re recording from an iPhone as an additional camera and it has an alarm setup which rings during video session, it stops the video recording)) so, it’s better to turn on the flight mode, while filming.

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.


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