Do you use Classic Marketing to promote B2B services?
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Or are you 100% focused on AI and online?

We’re all think today mostly about digital marketing, SEO, Ads, online traffic and sales. Everything online and runs by AI))
But there is still traffic and People on the streets)

Classic Marketing to promote B2B services

I’m sharing here with you a piece of Human-created classic marketing, promoting a B2B service – Graphic Design by Vivien Ehrenböck


Classic Marketing to promote B2B services

I found this Ad in Vienna last year. And liked the idea)

As we may see, it works! Somebody already took the contacts before I saw it.

Let’s do our marketing differently!
And grow businesses online. Together.

PS: hey) don’t take my messege directly into Action this time.
I don’t think it would be a good idea for a Software development company or some Tech Company, or any B2B firm to advertise on the walls. It’s more about “thinking out of the box” and market your company a different way)

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.