How can you make more money with B2B SEO and Inbound Marketing?
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I’m sharing with you the next slide of our internal presentation for the monthly team meeting last week. You can see the formula to solve the #1 task I was talking about in my previous post here. (check it out before reading further).

To tell you the truth, there were some other variants from the team on Task #1 and the question “How to make more money on B2B SEO services?”, when we discussed that.

And the first answers were like, “We can sell more”, “We can sell at a higher price”.. yes, SURE!) we can.
But there is a simple and straight way to do it, using the formula I show on the screenshot.

May sound obvious, but still not everybody gets this.
We just need to deliver more VALUE to our clients. Make their businesses grow and reach their business goals each year.

This way, we’re good in all aspects:

  1. Our client receives more value.
  2. Business makes more money $$$ on its marketing investment.
  3. We get paid more $$$ with the KPIs connected to the growing results.

The client is happy, our team is happy) The world becomes happier))

This is where we come close to our real Mission, which is a bit more than only making money for our clients.. I’ll share our mission statement in a very creative and “Tech way” in my next episodes soon. Stay tuned!)

PS: The main takeaway from this story – I see the only straight way to accomplish basic mission #1 for making more money, is to give more value and greater results on the projects we work with.

Our “Mantra” for 2024 in Netrocket is Result and Value.
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Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.