How can you monitor your B2B competitors’ activities on LinkedIn?
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I’m sure you have interesting companies and analyze their digital marketing efforts in all mkt channels.

Sharing a simple and important idea in a short video from AJ Wilcox. I see that many marketers just copy the actions of their competitors which seems to be more successful. Everybody does that) that’s ok.

But we don’t know the results, we just guess and think that it may work. But it may be just a waste of time and money $$$.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against that. I think that we need to find some interesting things and make them even better than competitors do, but need to be careful and think before we make an upgraded copy of their tactic.

What we regularly do on our B2B Inbound Digital Marketing Agency projects now is look for some ways to make it differently make our own tests and find what works well. During this process, our competitors may copy one of our tests that didn’t work.

So, let’s watch them, analyze them, generate better ideas, and grow online! Together.

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Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.