How fast can you edit photo content using AI tools in 2024?
Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Ho Ho Ho!) How fast can you edit photo content using AI tools in 2024? And make all pictures 100% unique on your website for better SEO.

You need just a few minutes to play with a photo, using any popular AI photo editor and then it’s ready for the upload. I just tried!) it works)

Here is an example of me and my colleagues from Netrocket – B2B Digital Marketing Agency after 3 minutes of editing the original picture.
This year I missed our Christmas Corporate Party, but I can imagine it was a lot of fun as we usually have) And now we’re looking good wearing AI Christmas costumes with real smiles))

Could you guess who is teaching me these tricks?! It’s my 9-year-old daughter.
She is playing with different apps on her tablet and I catch some interesting things and figure out that it also works for digital marketing. She made this picture for me yesterday.

And you see – I’m using this AI photo already for our B2B marketing here sharing it with you on Linkedin now and will also use it on our website later.

The main takeaway here for me is that The Marketing Game for B2B as well as for B2C businesses will become more and more interesting in 2024 with AI tools and we can forget about work.. and just have fun)

Happy New Year 2024! I wish you 50-100-200-500% and more traffic, leads, and sales+revenue growth $$$$$$$$ this year.

PS: Let’s play a game again!?) Drop me any comment below and I’ll share other variants of the same picture. And will share also the original picture at the end). and the app, I’m playing with)

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.