Effective Facebook Ads For Dance Studios in LA: 154 Leads under $5




per lead or less


months Advertising campaign duration

The results of the ad campaign on Facebook for August and September of 2023

The results of the ad campaign on Facebook for August and September of 2023


About the Project:

  • Niche: Dance Studio
  • Region: USA, Los Angeles
  • Features: Highly competitive industry
  • Goal: Lead growth and cost reduction

The client, a prominent dance studio in Los Angeles, approached Netrocket in August 2023 with a request to enhance their advertising campaigns. They had specific goals in mind, including:

  • increasing the number of leads they could work with,
  • and reducing lead acquisition costs from $10 to a minimum.

Our team of experts was tasked with accomplishing these objectives.


The Challenge:

Our challenge was clear: maximize budget-friendly leads, with each lead costing less than $10. The client is not willing to significantly increase the advertising budget.

After identifying the priority service categories, we conducted a budget reallocation and reviewed the proposals of our competitors.

Our main focus was on lead generation, optimizing text ads, and creating custom visuals for effective Facebook ad management services provided by Netrocket, a PPC marketing agency.

Within the first 1.5 months of running Ad Campaigns on Facebook, we were able to generate a total of 154 leads.


Actions Taken:

Campaign Analysis

After analyzing the client’s previous campaigns, we discovered they used “traffic” campaigns to achieve a low cost per click.

Rebuilding Strategy

These campaigns drove users to the site, but the conversion rate was low. Hence, we decided to rebuild everything from the ground up.

Competitive Analysis and Unique Proposition

Firstly, we analyzed the competition’s advertising and created our unique proposition for how to run Facebook ads for a dance studio.

Lead Generation Tactics

Most customers who visited our dance studio were beginners who needed experience. To encourage them, we introduced a unique lead form in our advertisement, which offered a bonus for completing it.

Creative Material Development

Developed new creative materials aligned with the unique proposition to enhance campaign effectiveness. We opted not to pursue a website redesign in response to budget limitations. Instead, we devised a successful strategy by creating new campaigns focused on lead generation, bypassing the need for users to visit the site. Our decision to concentrate on innovative creatives aligned with a distinctive proposition proved effective in yielding positive results.

Educational Content

To further assist them, we provided a free checklist for beginners as a motivation.

Optimization for Facebook Ads

We also looked at how to create and design effective Facebook ads for a dance studio and optimized the Facebook ads for dance classes.

Target Audience Refinement

We reviewed the target audience, highlighting fundamental interests and the age range of our target audience.

Remarketing Campaign Implementation

The client wanted users to interact with their site, so we suggested a remarketing campaign to offer discounts to those who had visited but had yet to apply. This strategy resulted in 21 additional leads for $3.63 per lead. Our paid social agency specializes in Facebook ads for dance classes, which helped to make this campaign successful.

Performance Monitoring

We carefully monitored the frequency of ad impressions to avoid annoying our users. Whenever there was a slight change in conversion cost or an increase in frequency, we adjusted the ad copy and creative.

Maintaining Low Cost Per Lead

As a result, we maintained a low price per lead acquired, which never exceeded $5 by the end of our campaigns.



We generated over 170 leads in two months by allocating the budget efficiently, prioritizing campaigns, and rejecting ineffective ones.

The results of the ad campaign on Facebook for August and September of 2023:

The results of the ad campaign on Facebook for August and September of 2023

The results of the remarketing campaign on Facebook for August and September of 2023:

The results of the remarketing campaign on Facebook

Total results of Netrocket’s PPC Specialists, August-September 2023:

Total results August-September 2023

We managed to obtain leads of high quality at a reasonable cost and were able to meet all of the client’s requirements.



This experience makes it possible to acquire leads successfully at an affordable price, even in a highly competitive market. The following steps must be taken to achieve this goal:

  • Choosing the right channel for your traffic acquisition
  • Adjusting budgets to compete with other companies
  • Analyzing the history of your account
  • Implementing the types of campaigns that are more effective
  • Actively helping clients refine their unique offerings by testing different ads
  • Performing daily optimizations, working with creatives, and making necessary adjustments. This will help improve the performance of your campaigns.
  • Correctly identify the target audience’s portrait and select the appropriate targeting methods to reach them.

Following these steps can improve your campaign’s effectiveness and increase the chances of acquiring leads at a reasonable cost.

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