Google Ads for B2B Business Expansion Services: 5.5-fold Increase Outcome






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Google Ads for B2B Triumph: +285 Conversions Unleashed in 2 Months (June to July 2021)


About the Project

  • Niche: Business scaling to the world B2B markets, organization of foreign trade
  • Promotion Region: Ukraine
  • Term: June – July 2021

Google Ads for B2B Features:

  • specific topics,
  • a minimal number of direct, low-frequency keywords.


  • creation and scaling of Ad campaigns,
  • reduction of the conversion cost by 2 times,
  • increase in the number of hits.

The Challenge

In March 2021, a local business expansion services company contacted Netrocket for assistance. The client had made independent attempts to set up Google Ads for B2B campaigns for two months, but it only brought in 63 requests at a cost of 545 UAH. The total expenses incurred amounted to UAH 34,300.

The results of the client’s

The results of the client’s Google Ads for B2B ad campaigns at the time of contacting Netrocket

Our team of specialists was assigned to increase the number of requests while reducing their costs. To achieve this goal, we launched Google Ads for B2B business ads across all the areas the client intended to run and expanded them for all relevant keywords.

We encountered several limitations while addressing this task, such as:

  • a need for direct commercial inquiries,
  • users seeking information rather than services,
  • and competition from both direct and indirect sources. For instance, for the query ‘grain export’, the client had to compete with similar companies and transshipment terminals, customs clearance organizations, etc.

Execution / Optimization Process

Targeted Campaigns and Specialized Promotion

Implemented a strategic Google Ads for B2B business approach by launching targeted search ad campaigns for key export-related queries such as grain, timber, honey, and nuts. Additionally, introduced specialized campaigns to promote client webinars and books on initiating export activities from scratch.

Nuanced Bidding Strategy

Employed a nuanced approach to bidding strategy with a positive rate adjustment of +30% during peak hours from 11:00 to 17:00, capitalizing on heightened user engagement. Concurrently, applied a -30% adjustment during other periods to optimize cost-efficiency.

Tailored Ads and Competitive Targeting

Crafted compelling ads tailored to user search queries, enhancing relevance and click-through rates. Implemented a competitive strategy by launching campaigns targeting competitors and engaging with chambers of commerce.

Data-Driven Campaign Optimization

Conducted rigorous and ongoing campaign optimization, leveraging data-driven insights. For instance, discerning the high cost of mobile applications, disabled ad displays on phones within one campaign, demonstrating a commitment to cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

This strategic and data-driven approach underscores the efficacy of Google Ads for B2B businesses, addressing the pivotal question: ‘Is Google Ads good for B2B?’ The results speak volumes, showcasing our commitment to precision, adaptability, and achieving optimal outcomes for our client.

rate adjustment by the hour

Hourly rate adjustment: +30% from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Strategic and Data-Driven Google Ads

Implemented a strategic and data-driven Google Ads for B2B business approach by launching smart and dynamic campaigns targeting low-frequency keywords that typically go unnoticed in regular Search. This move not only expanded the reach but also tapped into a niche market.

Responsive Ads and Precision Targeting

Enhanced ad effectiveness through the incorporation of responsive ads, allowing us to test various offers and descriptions for optimal engagement. Simultaneously, meticulous attention was given to negative keyword optimization, ensuring precision in targeting the most relevant audience.

Innovative Landing Page Testing

Innovatively tested several landing pages with different lead magnets, such as an Audit of foreign economic activity, Critical points of foreign trade, Free diagnostics, and Export consulting. This approach allowed us to identify and leverage the most efficient strategies for lead generation.

Halting Ineffective Video Campaigns for Cost Efficiency

In response to performance analytics, we made informed decisions to halt expensive and underperforming client video campaigns with an excessively high cost of calls. This strategic move not only preserved resources but also directed the focus towards more cost-effective channels.

Our comprehensive and meticulously designed strategy confidently addresses the question on everyone’s mind: “Is Google Ads good for B2B marketing?” With our tailored campaigns, we not only demonstrate our unwavering commitment to our clients, but also showcase the efficacy of our approach. Our results speak for themselves, exhibiting a high degree of precision, adaptability, and optimal outcomes.

Stopped expensive and ineffective client video campaigns

Disable video campaigns that are not performing well


The Results

In a dynamic and fruitful collaboration spanning two months, our expertise as a dedicated B2B PPC agency bore significant results for the project.

  • We garnered an impressive 348 requests from advertising, marking a remarkable 5.5-fold increase compared to the client’s previous outcomes for the same period.
  • Demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we successfully slashed the conversion cost from 545 UAH to 167 UAH, surpassing the client’s expectations and achieving a reduction of more than twice.

This exceptional performance underscores the value of choosing specialized B2B inbound marketing services, emphasizing our proficiency in driving results and optimizing campaign strategies. The transformative impact on request generation and conversion costs solidifies our position as a strategic partner in navigating the intricacies of B2B digital advertising.

Lead Generation Results

Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

Our extensive experience underscores the effectiveness of a meticulous approach. We demonstrate that it is possible to attract traffic and leads even in a competitive environment by strategically utilizing low-frequency and non-commercial queries. This approach aligns with our commitment to providing exceptional B2B digital marketing consulting services, showcasing the power of insightful strategies in optimizing outcomes in challenging scenarios.

Additional lead magnets

Optimizing our approach, we implemented several key strategies that significantly contributed to the success of the campaign:

  1. Leverage Extra Lead Magnets:

    Our campaign promoting a webinar proved highly effective. By delving into the intricacies of companies’ foreign economic activities, we attracted over 100 top executives and owners of local businesses venturing into foreign markets. This diversified approach helped broaden our reach and engagement.

  2. Regular Monitoring and Data-Driven Optimization:

    Rigorous monitoring of reports, including conversions, demographics, and timing, allowed us to gather reliable data. This informed decision-making enabled us to optimize the campaign efficiently, ensuring maximum impact without unnecessary budget expenditure.

  3. Testing Landing Pages and Offers:

    Recognizing the significance of user experience, we extensively tested various landing pages and offers. This comprehensive approach helped us discern notable differences in Ads CTR and the number of hits. Tailoring our strategy based on these insights allowed for a more effective and targeted campaign.

  4. Strategic Use of Smart Campaigns:

    When faced with elevated prices in the Search, we strategically implemented Smart Campaigns. This adaptive approach allowed us to maintain visibility and competitiveness in the market while optimizing costs.

  5. Budget Flexibility and Targeted Bidding:

    Overcoming the fear of increasing budgets and bids for specific keywords, we prioritized quality over quantity. This shift in mindset proved advantageous, as attracting fewer but higher-quality users resulted in more meaningful applications and tangible profits for the company.

Through a meticulous overhaul of keyword research and a strategic restructuring of campaign elements, we successfully launched Google Ads. The outcome was remarkable – we achieved a substantial 348 leads in less than two months.

This case study exemplifies our commitment to dynamic strategies, continuous optimization, and a results-driven approach to digital marketing.

smart campaigns

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