Google Ads For Beauty Salons: 800+ Conversions and Low Costs




per conversion or less

~670 USD

2461 AED Campaign expenses

Results of the work of Netrocket specialists from May to June 2023

Results of the work of Netrocket specialists from May to June 2023


About the Project:

  • Niche: Beauty salon
  • Region: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
  • Features: Highly competitive niche
  • Objective: Increase brand awareness, improve conversion rates, and reduce costs.

The client approached Netrocket, a digital marketing agency for B2B, in the winter of 2023. He assigned challenging tasks to our specialists.

  • Increase the visibility of the brand in Google search results.
  • Identify the most promising categories to promote.
  • Increase conversions.

Our potential clients may have already visited our beauty salons previously. The company used contextual advertising to help promote. Specifically, we were tasked with running Google Ads for beauty salons to optimize and increase conversions without inflating the advertising cost.


The Challenge:

Our social advertising agency has been given the task of increasing the number of conversions through a specific strategy of Google Ads for beauty salons without increasing the cost of advertising. The client desired to minimize their expenses and did not wish to spend any more money than necessary. That’s where automated campaigns and B2B PPC services came in to help us out. They offer significantly lower cost per click and allow the target audience to be seen across all advertising platforms simultaneously.

We identified prioritized service categories, re-allocated budget, and focused exclusively on Performance Max and Smart Campaigns. We produced the creative materials and launched the advertising on Google Ads for beauty salons.

In the last two months, we received more than 800 conversions from our automated campaigns.


Execution/Optimization Process:

Effective analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns

  • First and foremost, we did an analysis of all customer service categories and promotional offers.
  • We have discontinued the advertising of hair salon services and have decided to focus on nails and waxing.
  • Disabled high cost-per-click/conversion keywords.
  • To ensure that we’re providing users with up-to-date information about our services, we’ve developed creative and improved the quality of our Beauty Salon advertising to the maximum.

As a result, we have been able to significantly improve the performance of our search advertising campaigns, increase the number of conversions, and reduce costs.

Results of setting up Google Ads for beauty salons

Creation of remarketing audiences and campaigns

We created remarketing audiences, several Performance Max campaigns, and one Smart campaign for the service category that needed customization, including negative keywords.

Strategy for maximum conversions

We have a strategy to maximize conversions. Based on the results, we have adjusted the target cost per conversion.

Audience signal creation and targeting

We have created a number of audience signals, special audiences based on intent. We have also added targeting for users who are using specific types of applications related to beauty and health maintenance.

Creating responsive ads and working with negative keywords

We have added responsive ads that come with a wide variety of headlines and descriptions to choose from. This allowed the creation of unique ads and showed the most effective to the user. Limit the audience by gender and age. We also did a lot of work on negative keywords.

Optimization and continuous growth

A location extension has been added. We selected high-quality images and used them to create creative visuals. Thanks to timely and consistent optimization, we have seen a steady increase in the number of clicks and conversions from week to week over the course of several months.


The results:

In the last two months, our Beauty salon advertising campaigns generated over 2000 WhatsApp interactions, 400 online service bookings, and 300 feedback submissions. We have the edge over the majority of our competitors, and our customers are happier as a result. Google Ads for beauty salons are a powerful tool that can significantly increase online visibility, attract more clients, and boost salon revenue.

May – June 2023 results of running campaigns on Google Ads:

May - June 2023 results of running campaigns on Google Ads

In the screenshot, we’re intentionally using a filter to display the types of campaigns and conversions in our account. This is to avoid any doubts about the credibility of the data obtained. Our client’s key objectives are:

  • Make the transition to WhatsApp
  • Booking of services on the website
  • Fill out the contact form

We spent a total of only 2461 AED (~670 USD).

advertising campaign costs

During the same time period, the client has spent more than AED 27,000 (USD 7,350) on their search campaigns.

client costs for advertising campaigns

Results of the work of Netrocket specialists from May to June 2023:

Results of the work of Netrocket specialists from May to June 2023

As you can see in this case study, we successfully completed the client’s task and significantly increased the conversion rate by implementing automated campaigns.

implementing automated campaigns and increasing conversions

Summary/Conclusion Takeaways:

Our experience with Google Ads for Beauty salons has shown that even in conditions of intense competition, it is possible to carry out the conversions successfully and at a reasonable cost.

Key strategies include:

  • Choice of the right strategy at the level of each individual campaign. This will help to increase the number of orders from the search campaigns and reduce the CPA.
  • Allocate sufficient budgets to be able to compete on a level playing field with other companies.
  • Diversify your campaigns and don’t just rely on search campaigns.
  • Test different offers in the advertisements and actively support the client in the refinement of their unique selling proposition (USP). Run optimizations on a daily basis, work with creatives, and make adjustments that will improve the performance of your campaigns on a weekly basis.
  • Identify the most promising service or product categories from a sales perspective. Ruthlessly reject anything that is expensive and inefficient.

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