Google Ads For Music Software: +106% Conversions in the First Month


Leads in the 1st month


Cost per Conversion


Decrease in Conversion Cost

The results of the Google Ads launch in June 2023:


About the Project

  • Niche: Music creation software.
  • Region: UK, USA
  • Features: In the competitive landscape of music creation software, Netrocket faced unique challenges – minimal keywords, low search frequency, and higher prices than competitors.
  • Deadline: June 2023
  • Goal: To create and increase the scale of advertising campaigns.

We have gathered relevant keywords and initiated advertising on Google Ads Search/Display Network. As a B2B PPC company, we have the expertise to target these ads efficiently to reach our desired audience. Consequently, in the first month, we have received 242 leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.

This experience with Google Ads For Music underscores its potential for businesses operating in complex niches.

In May 2023, a UK-based company that provides software for musicians and producers approached Netrocket. They were interested in improving their online presence to increase conversions. As part of this strategy, they wanted to make use of inbound marketing services.


The Challenge

  • Few Keywords, Low Search Frequency:

    Netrocket strategically tackled this challenge by expanding the keyword list, utilizing informational queries, and grouping low-frequency keywords into semantic clusters.

  • Higher Prices than Competitors:

    Innovative strategies were employed, such as using broad matches, increasing bid sizes for commercial keywords, and focusing on intent-based audiences to overcome the price hurdle.

Despite these obstacles, Google Ads for Music was proven to be a successful solution.


Execution/Optimization Process

Comprehensive Negative Keywords:

The meticulous work was done to compile an extensive list of negative keywords, ensuring ads were not displayed for non-targeted searches.

Intent-Based Audiences:

Targeting specific audiences interested in music production software showed its effectiveness, contributing to higher-quality leads.

Diverse Campaign Types:

The approach of using various campaign types, including Search, Display, and Performance Max campaigns, was versatile, ensuring a broad reach.


The Results

During the first month of our Google Ads for Music campaign, we received 242 leads, and the cost per conversion was £5.92. The campaign’s effectiveness has doubled compared to the previous month’s figures. We managed to get more conversions and clicks while reducing our cost per conversion and spending less of our advertising budget.

Google Ads for Music is an extremely effective strategy for increasing the scale of advertising campaigns, especially in niche markets where traditional methods may not be as effective.


Summary/Conclusion Takeaways

Success in Complex Niches:

Even with limited keywords, success is achievable, showcasing the adaptability of Google Ads for niche markets.

Rules for Complex Niches:

Key rules:

  • Avoid excessive regional breakdowns.

    There is no need to do a region-by-region breakdown of campaigns. This type of segmentation narrows down the reach of each individual advertising campaign. With a smaller audience, there will be less traffic and impressions. This is critical when there are few keywords, and they are low frequency.

  • Leverage various platforms and campaign types.

    Take advantage of all the platforms and campaign types available, including Search, Google’s contextual media network, and YouTube. This allows you to gain additional targeted traffic by targeting audiences with keywords that are difficult to reach.

  • Highlight success stories like targeting mobile users through Performance Max campaigns

    For example, we expanded our reach and drove additional conversions by targeting an audience that uses music creation apps on their phones in Performance Max campaigns.

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