Google Ads for Text Message Marketing Company: A B2B Success Story

+ 104%

increase in the number of leads

by 50%

reduced the cost of conversion

3 months

working period

593 обращений в B2B нише

The Google Ads launch results from July to September 2021


About the Project

  • Industry: SMS service
  • Promotion Region: Ukraine
  • Promotion Period: July – September 2021


  • high competition for keywords,
  • outdated website design,
  • poor website adaptation for mobile.


  • reduce the cost of conversion by 1.5-2 times,
  • double the number of leads.

The Challenge

In 2017, the client approached Netrocket for the first time, seeking help with lead generation in Google Ads. While the brand already had some awareness, its website design needed to be updated, and mobile loading speeds needed to be faster. So, we started working on recommendations to improve the site design, which were implemented gradually.
As a result, many elements were reworked, including creating separate pages for areas where SMS service was in high demand. Moreover, we provided examples of calculating the effectiveness of SMS campaigns for each area.


examples of calculating the effectiveness of SMS campaigns

In July 2021, our inbound B2B marketing agency assigned the following tasks to our PPC specialists:

– Creating and scaling ad campaigns
– Reducing the cost of conversion by 1.5-2 times
– Doubling the number of leads

The results of the 3-month advertising campaign are: leads increased by 104%, and cost per conversion decreased by 36%.

Before that, the agency had made some updates to the service, including adding answers to frequently asked questions, creating a Messanger mailing page, registering an extended price list, and configuring the site for mobile devices.


Results of the advertising campaign before the work

Results of the advertising campaign from March to May 2021, before the work of Netrocket specialists

While providing our B2B PPC services, negative bid adjustments reduced mobile traffic due to incorrect display and slow website loading on specific mobile devices.


Некорректное отображение сайта на мобильных устройствах

Execution / Optimization Process

After finishing all the work on the website, our B2B digital marketing team established our goals and started advertising in various directions as per the client’s requirements. We used all the relevant keywords to ensure successful scaling. However, during this process, we came across the following challenges:

  • High competition
  • High CPC in the niche
  • High website bounce rate.

We performed several tasks to improve the advertising account, which included:

  1. Rewriting the ads to make them more informative and focused on unique selling points.
    акцент на максимальную информативность и четкие УТП
  2. Launching smart and dynamic campaigns to target low-frequency keywords that don’t show ads in regular searches and get more conversions from them.
  3. Adding automatic rules to monitor the situation in the account easily.
    Added automatic rules
  4. Creating adaptive ads with several titles and descriptions allowed us to show the most effective ads to users.
  5. Carefully working on negative keywords to prevent irrelevant traffic.
  6. Stopping expensive and ineffective campaigns with high cost per request.
    Результаты рекламной кампании для сервиса рассылок
  7. Conducting campaign split budget experiments to determine the most effective strategy to get more conversions at a lower cost per click.
  8. Designing banners for the Google Display Network and remarketing.
    banner example
  9. Adjusting rates by gender, age, and city.

The Results

During our 3 months of work on the project, we successfully doubled the number of advertisement leads. Additionally, we reduced the conversion cost by 1.5 times, thus completing all the tasks assigned by the client.


593 обращений в B2B нише

Netrocket specialists’ work results for the months of July to September 2021.


Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

We have discovered that attracting traffic and leads at an acceptable cost is possible even when facing fierce competition. To accomplish this, it is essential to follow these steps:

  • Do not hesitate to increase budgets in campaigns.
  • Analyze reports carefully to draw the correct conclusions.
  • Utilize tools like Ahrefs to parse competitor keywords and expand your campaigns accordingly.
  • Conduct additional analysis of search and display campaigns over various timeframes to reallocate the budget and increase the number of conversions properly.
  • Choose the right strategy for each campaign level through experimentation to increase the number of orders from search campaigns and lower the CPA (cost per action).
  • Understand the importance of site usability and adaptability and be able to compose technical specifications for a designer or developer to create an effective sales tool.

We followed these recommendations by redesigning and improving website usability, updating keyword research, posting new ads, and launching Google Ads. As a result, we received 593 leads in less than three months.

In a competitive SMS service market, Netrocket’s strategic approach met and exceeded client expectations. The results showcase the effectiveness of a well-optimized Google Ads campaign combined with a focus on user experience, ultimately generating a remarkable 104% increase in leads and a 36% reduction in conversion costs. This success story underscores the importance of continuous analysis, strategic experimentation, and a holistic approach to digital marketing in the B2B landscape.

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