Google My Business Case Study: Maximizing Billboard Advertising Company Visibility


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About the Project


  • Out-of-home advertising (billboard advertising).


  • To increase the visibility of a company on Google Maps, Search, and other services.


  • Google My Business profile is optimized, increasing views, calls, and site visits.

Our client is a renowned outdoor advertising company. They approached us with a clear objective of improving their online presence and visibility across various digital platforms. Despite their longstanding success in traditional advertising channels, they realized the importance of establishing a solid digital impression to reach a wider audience.

With the emergence of online search platforms like Google Maps and Search, they wanted to leverage the power of Google My Business to ensure that their brand appears prominently in relevant search results. They were particularly interested in optimizing their Google My Business profile to increase visibility on Maps, attract more customer inquiries, and drive traffic to their website. Our task was to refine their online presence and maximize their reach in the competitive outdoor advertising landscape.

Keep reading this Google My Business case study to know how we helped them.


The Challenge

While optimizing the Google My Business profile, we faced a significant challenge of ensuring accurate and consistent information across multiple online platforms. Working on the project from this Google My Business case study, we discovered discrepancies in the company’s existing online listings. These discrepancies included:

  • inconsistent business hours,
  • outdated contact information,
  • and varying service descriptions.

To address these discrepancies, we had to pay close attention to detail and coordinate strategically across all digital touchpoints. Additionally, we had to optimize the GMB profile to stand out in the competitive outdoor advertising landscape. This required innovative approaches to highlight the unique selling propositions of the client’s services while adhering to Google’s guidelines and best practices.


Execution / Optimization Process

In this Google My Business case study, a comprehensive approach was adopted to refine the client’s Google My Business profile. This involved meticulous attention to various elements, including:

  • Optimization of the company name to ensure consistency and relevance.
  • Addition of relevant categories to enhance visibility in search results.
  • Adjustment of the physical address marker for accurate location representation.
  • Inclusion of service area details to broaden reach and attract potential customers.
  • Updating work schedule information for improved user engagement.
  • Addition of multiple contact phone numbers for enhanced accessibility.
  • Convert the abbreviated company name to its complete form for clarity.
  • Integration of links to the company website and online appointment page to facilitate seamless customer interaction.
  • A comprehensive description of company services along with detailed offerings.
  • Optimization of prices, images, and descriptions of goods for enhanced appeal.
  • Completion of the Attributes section with additional information about services, amenities, and payment methods.
  • Upload of logo and cover images, accompanied by interior, facade, and team photos, along with several videos to enrich the profile.
  • Compilation of a concise company description to encapsulate its essence.
  • Register the date of opening to provide historical context.
  • Publication of several posts featuring promotions and news to engage with the audience effectively.
  • Finally, based on the optimization results, a detailed report was generated, accompanied by recommendations for the ongoing maintenance of the Google My Business profile, including strategies for managing and responding to reviews.

The Results

The profile’s effectiveness significantly increased after implementing the strategies outlined in the Google My Business case study. Users started discovering the company more frequently through relevant categories and services, resulting in increased engagement with the provided photos. Notably, there was a remarkable increase in the number of profile views in search results and Maps.

Moreover, this optimization effort led to a substantial increase in inbound calls and a notable rise in website visits, indicating a tangible enhancement in the client’s online visibility and customer engagement.

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Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

  1. Unlocking Free Organic Visibility:

    This Google My Business case study underscores the invaluable potential of Google My Business as a cost-effective avenue for increasing online visibility. By leveraging this platform strategically, businesses can secure prime positions in organic search results without significant financial investment. Partnering with an experienced organic search agency can amplify these results, ensuring a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

  2. Strategic Advantage through Expertise:

    The success of this optimization effort highlights the crucial role of expertise and experience in SEO. By harnessing the knowledge of seasoned professionals, businesses can gain a strategic advantage in the digital landscape, outpacing competitors and solidifying their position in the market. Collaborating with an organic search agency can provide access to specialized expertise and innovative strategies, maximizing the impact of optimization efforts.

  3. Enhanced User Engagement:

    A well-optimized Google My Business profile amplifies visibility and improves user engagement. Businesses can attract and retain a larger audience by providing comprehensive information, captivating visuals, and seamless interaction opportunities, driving higher customer inquiries and website traffic. Partnering with an organic search agency can streamline the process of optimizing user experience, ensuring optimal engagement and conversion rates.

  4. Maximizing Local Reach:

    Google My Business is a powerful tool for enhancing local visibility and attracting nearby customers. Through strategic optimization techniques, businesses can ensure prominent placement in local search results, effectively targeting audiences within their vicinity and driving foot traffic to physical locations. Leveraging the expertise of SEO consulting experts can further enhance local targeting efforts, maximizing reach and impact in specific geographic regions.

  5. Data-Driven Decision-Making:

    The insights from this Google My Business case study emphasize the importance of data-driven decision-making in digital marketing strategies. Businesses can continuously refine their online presence by analyzing key performance metrics and iterating on optimization efforts, ensuring sustained growth and success in the competitive landscape. Partnering with a B2B SEO consulting company can provide access to advanced analytics tools and expertise, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and drive measurable results.

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