B2B SaaS SEO Case Study: Driving Traffic Growth from 8,000 to 45,000 Users in 9 Months


organic traffic in 9 months

9 months

working period

Promotion of a SaaS project: traffic increased

B2B SaaS SEO Case Study: Promotion of a SaaS project: traffic increased


About the Project

  • Industry: SaaS
  • Promotion Region: USA


  • This B2B SaaS SEO case study describes an SEO project with the primary objective of doubling website traffic.

The Challenge

The main challenge encountered during the promotion of the SaaS project was overcoming initial website visibility hurdles in a competitive market. Despite having a robust product, gaining traction and visibility amidst established competitors proved a significant challenge. This necessitated strategic planning and implementation of targeted SEO and marketing tactics, including seeking assistance from SEO consultancy to carve out a niche and attract the desired audience.


Execution / Optimization Process

  • Niche and competitor analysis
  • Collecting keywords and creating an extended website structure
  • Creation of new landing pages
  • On-page optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Link building

For this B2B SAAS SEO case study, our primary focus was collecting key phrases, creating a website structure, and writing content in the first month. After that, we shifted our focus toward link-building. We analyzed the link profile of our main competitors and formulated a strategy. We employed various methods to acquire backlinks.

Within two months, people began mentioning our website in comparison articles. This helped increase our link mass, which continues to grow organically. Moreover, we continue to work on our blog, generating organic traffic to our website. We found that SAAS SEO consulting helped acquire links to our website.


The Results

In 9 months, traffic increased from 8,000 users to 45,000:

Promotion of a SaaS project: traffic increased
  1. Strategic Planning: A solid product alone may not guarantee success in a competitive market. Effective strategic planning is essential to identify opportunities and challenges.
  2. Targeted SEO Tactics: Utilize SEO techniques tailored to your specific industry and audience to improve website visibility and attract organic traffic.
  3. Marketing Synergy: Combine SEO efforts with other marketing initiatives for maximum impact and reach.
  4. Continuous Optimization: Regularly analyze and refine your strategies based on performance metrics and market dynamics.
  5. Seek Expert Assistance: Don’t hesitate to engage professional organic SEO services to leverage their expertise and gain a competitive edge.

By implementing these strategies and seeking expert assistance when needed, website owners can enhance their chances of success in competitive markets, drive significant traffic growth, and achieve their business goals.

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