SEO for Furniture Manufacturer: Success in US Church Chair Industry


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SEO for a Church Chair Manufacturer in the USA

Traffic growth since the start of the project (Ahrefs service)


About the Project

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Promotion Region: USA
The client’s family business is manufacturing wooden and metal chairs for churches, chapels, banquet venues, and the hospitality industry. They needed SEO for furniture services to promote their high-quality, 100% American product, which comes with the best guarantees in the industry – 10 years for metal frames, 7 years for foam seats, 5 years for wooden frames and upholstery materials.
The primary focus was on B2B goals, including enhancing user-friendliness, driving targeted organic traffic, and ultimately increasing sales within the B2B sector.

The Challenge

In May 2022, Netrocket’s manufacturing SEO consultants took on the challenge of not just making the site user-friendly but significantly increasing B2B sales through strategic organic search initiatives.

As a furniture manufacturer in the USA, our client understands the importance of quality products and outstanding service. However, without a robust online presence, their business may miss valuable opportunities to connect with potential customers and drive sales. The challenge lies in overcoming common SEO hurdles that hinder visibility, such as outdated website structures, overlooked keywords, and underutilized optimization techniques.

At Netrocket, we recognize businesses’ unique challenges in the manufacturing industry. Our mission is to help our clients break through the barriers of search engine obscurity and emerge as leading authorities in their niche. Through comprehensive SEO strategies tailored to clients’ specific goals and industry requirements, we transform their websites into powerful assets that attract, engage, and convert their target audience.

Starting Point


Execution / Optimization Process

Detailed SEO Audit of the Site

During the process, we found critical errors on the site such as:

  • Homepage duplicates.
  • Schema micro-markup not matching the pages (Google may apply a filter for mismatching micro-markup content on the page).
  • Presence of pagination pages in the search (these are also duplicates of the first page of the product category).
  • Need for user-friendly URLs for some site URLs.

Together with the developer, our B2B SEO firm eliminated these and a range of minor errors.

Selection of Keywords and Formation of SEO Structure

  • Selected keywords with a B2B focus, creating a furniture SEO structure optimized for both user understanding and effective indexing by Google.
  • We compiled technical tasks for writing texts and placing them on the site.
  • Based on the collected keywords, we created meta tags for each page on the site, which eventually increased the CTR of the snippet.

Competitor Analysis

As a result, we found many missed search queries that our client should have used on the site. We also analyzed the backlink profile of each of the analyzed competitor sites and created a link-building strategy for our client.


We analyzed the convenience of the site for the user and the buyer’s path from the product page to the checkout page. Compared with competitors, made corrections, and simplified the purchase of goods on the site by reducing mandatory fields in the form.

Off-Site Promotion

As part of our WordPress SEO services, we also worked on off-site promotion using a link strategy.


The Results


The traffic dynamics graph shows a transparent boost during the period of furniture SEO optimization work:

SEO for a Church Chair Manufacturer in the USA

We witnessed a significant increase in the site’s visibility graph on the Google search engine due to the utilization of previously overlooked search queries on the site.

the site visibility graph in Googles PS
Change in the number of keywords in Google’s top:
May 2022 July 2022
Top 3 42 77
Top 4–10 71 119
Top 11–20 372 432
Total: 486 628


SemRush service also confirms the improvement of indicators.

Traffic dynamics chart since the start of SEO work, USA region

Traffic dynamics chart since the start of SEO work, USA region.

Site visibility chart in Google's search engine

Site visibility chart in Google’s search engine.

Google Search Console

Organic traffic graph in Google Search Console for a church chair manufacturer

Google Analytics

Organic traffic graph in Google Analytics for a church chair manufacturer

Charts and data on keywords in Google’s top show that organic traffic and site visibility from May to September 2022 increased by more than 200%.


Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

Comprehensive B2B-focused SEO work always brings tangible results, even in specific, complex niches. In this case, the results of 4 months of cooperation with Netrocket for our client were:

  • User-friendly website.
  • Substantial surge in traffic that was explicitly directed at Google’s search engine.
  • Top rankings on Google for our main keywords.

All of this will undoubtedly increase the number of sales and the overall revenue of the enterprise.

The success story of our collaboration with a US-based church chair manufacturer offers invaluable insights and actionable takeaways across industries.

1. Comprehensive SEO Gains Real Results: By prioritizing B2B-focused SEO strategies tailored to the specific needs of the manufacturing industry, we witnessed remarkable outcomes in just four months. This underscores the importance of investing in comprehensive SEO efforts, even in niche markets, to drive significant increases in organic traffic, enhance user experience, and ultimately boost sales.

2. Strategic Keyword Selection is Key: Our approach to keyword selection and SEO structure optimization played a crucial role in achieving top rankings on Google. You can learn from this by conducting thorough keyword research and aligning your SEO strategies with the intent of your target audience to maximize visibility and engagement.

3. Addressing Technical Issues is Critical: Identifying and fixing technical issues such as duplicate content, schema markup errors, and usability issues proved instrumental in improving website performance and search engine rankings. This highlights the importance of conducting regular audits and addressing technical SEO issues promptly to ensure optimal website functionality and user experience.

4. Competitor Analysis Drives Strategy: Analyzing competitor strategies and backlink profiles allowed us to identify missed opportunities and develop a solid link-building strategy. You can leverage competitor analysis to gain insights into industry trends, identify areas for improvement, and refine your SEO strategies for greater effectiveness.

5. User-Friendly Websites Drive Conversions: Simplifying the user journey and enhancing website usability led to increased conversions and sales. You should prioritize user experience optimization, streamline the purchase process, and minimize conflict points to improve conversion rates and maximize revenue.

In conclusion, the success achieved by our client underscores the transformative power of strategic SEO initiatives in driving business growth and achieving measurable results. By applying the lessons learned and implementing proven SEO strategies, you can open the full potential of your online presence and thrive in today’s competitive online world.

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