SEO for a kitchen furniture company


keywords into the top 3


organic traffic in 5 months


decreased bounce rate

Органический трафик компании по производству кухонной мебели

Organic traffic before and after the work: July 2021 – April 2022


About the Project

  • Industry: Custom-made Kitchen Furniture
  • Promotion Region: Utica, New York, USA
  • Promotion period: December 2021 – April 2022


  • find growth points for the site,
  • improve the visibility of the resource in Google,
  • and increase organic search traffic.

The Challenge

Starting situation:

  • Website technical errors
  • Low Organic Traffic
  • Few keywords
  • Website structure not optimized
  • No meta tags on pages

Execution / Optimization Process


  • We analyzed the technical SEO condition of the website and its level of optimization for the requirements of search engines.
  • Fixed technical errors.

Structure development

We analyzed the structure of competitor websites, compared it with ours, and saw the unrealized keyword potential. It turned out that our client did not have pages for most of the commercial keywords.

Therefore, we made a content strategy: we focused on creating optimized pages for product categories and periodically posting blog posts.

At this stage of SEO promotion, our experts:

  • Did the keyword research for the website;
  • Performed page-by-page meta tag optimization;
  • made content plans for writing and posting texts for a copywriter and content manager.

As a result, the structure of the client’s site has dramatically expanded – the number of pages being promoted has almost doubled.

SectionNumber of pages
July 2021April 2022
Conversion focused pages (commercial)2166
Blog articles3752

Working on improving the usability of the website

In February 2022, our SEO experts analyzed the convenience of the website for a potential client, after which, together with the developers:

  • reworked the page structure, optimizing the layout of the content;
  • brought a price list with the price of materials and finished goods to commercial pages;
  • redesigned the main menu, focusing on the convenience of users;
  • improved the form for applying;
  • displayed the addresses of stores and offices.

In this way, we reduced the bounce rate by 3.54%.

Off-site SEO site optimization

  • Analyzed the backlinks of competitors.
  • Found sites where they posted their links.
  • Placed our materials on these platforms and other thematic and authoritative resources.
  • Posted press releases.
  • Posted crowd links on forums and websites.

The Results

Органічний трафік компанії з виробництва кухонних меблів порівняння

Organic traffic before SEO works and during the work of Netrocket specialists. The period is 5 months

  • Growth of organic traffic: +63.27%
  • Increase in new users: +62.60%
  • Session increase: +57.35%
Зростання органічного трафіку кухні
  • Bounce rate reduction: -3.54%
  • Increase in the number of pages viewed per session: + 13.20%
  • Growth in the average duration of a visit to the site: +15.33%
  • Increasing the number of keywords in the search results top 3, top 10, and top 20.
Зниження показника відмов кухні
Кількість фраз у пошуковій видачі на жовтень 2021

The number of keywords in the search results for October 2021

Кількість фраз у пошуковій видачі на квітень 2022

The number of keywords in the search results for April 2022

The graphs show how the total number of keywords has changed: before the start of the work, there were 11,171 of them; after the work was done, it became 4,668.

The fact is that we analyzed the keywords that were at positions 51–100 in the search results. And excluded non-targeted keywords, which only reduced the relevance of the site pages and were in low positions. Then we collected new keywords and did page-by-page SEO. This is how we managed to get higher positions for our target keywords, even with fewer keywords that the service determined.

This proves that not always a large number of keywords indicates good resource optimization; you should always conduct a deep analysis and look for growth points.


Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

We have carried out a technical audit and fixed errors. We expanded the site structure, created new pages, and prescribed meta tags for all commercial and blog articles. We made recommendations for improving the site’s usability and implemented them.

In the five months of working on the project, we managed to bring 314 keywords into the top 3, 247 into the top 10, and 77 into the top 20. We increased organic traffic by 63% and decreased bounce rate by 3.54%. These are the results of a well-built SEO strategy and complex work on the site by a team of experienced professionals.

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