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Organic traffic before the start of work and after 4 months of work by Netrocket SEO specialists

Organic traffic before the start of work (August-November 2022) and after 4 months of work by Netrocket SEO specialists (December 2022-March 2023)


About the Project

  • Industry: Legal
  • CMS: TYPO3
  • Promotion Region: Germany
Our client is a legal company from Frankfurt-am-Main with branches in Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, and other cities in Germany. Their main specialization is in corporate and tax law.

The Challenge

The company that approached Netrocket is well-known in Germany. Private investors, non-profit organizations, medium and large businesses utilize their services. For many years, the company’s lawyers have been nominated for the Best Lawyers Ranking award, and the company itself is included in the prestigious JUVE and Legal 500 Germany directories.

Our client’s website consistently attracts more than 1,000 users per month. Therefore, the main task for our SEO specialists was to find areas of growth and provide the client with an even greater influx of interested users.

Legal 500 Germany

The Solution

Our team started their work by evaluating the usability of the website. Immediately,
two nuances were identified:

  • Out of the 1,000 website visitors, only a few dozen potential clients complete the application process. The reason is a form that is too long and time-consuming to fill out.
  • The number of incoming calls has increased in recent months, but there is also a significant increase in missed calls.

We provided recommendations for optimizing the application form and helped to resolve the issue with the call center.

Then, we conducted an analysis of the website’s visibility in the search results, determined the client’s priority queries, and identified those that could realistically be ranked high in Google search results.


Execution / Optimization Process

The SEO optimization work was conducted comprehensively, covering all areas simultaneously:

Analysis and audit

Key queries

  • We collected all search queries, including new areas of the company’s activities.
  • We expanded the list of keywords by adding previously missed queries.


  • We have expanded the site’s structure and added new sections.
  • We have implemented user-friendly site navigation.


  • We have written texts for new pages.
  • We have optimized meta tags, making them more prominent.

External Website Promotion

  • We have obtained links to the client’s site from top resources.
  • We have worked on interlinking and evenly distributing the links within the site.

Regional SEO promotion of the website

The next task that the client has set for us is to optimize the website for 2 cities. To accomplish this, we have:

  • Created regional pages, in this case, folders within the domain.
  • Conducted SEO optimization for these pages.
  • Calculated the cost of regional promotion and created a plan for placing press releases. We also regularly cleaned up old links, purchased new anchor and non-anchor links.

The Results

After 4 months of working on the website, the results of the SEO specialists’ work were already clearly visible.

Google Analytics

Organic traffic in Google Analytics. Netrocket team started work in December 2022:

Organic traffic in Google Analytics

Comparison of organic traffic graphs in Google Analytics before and after the start of work:

Organic traffic before the start of work and after 4 months of work by Netrocket SEO specialists

Organic traffic and the number of sessions increased by more than half. The growth in the number of new users over 4 months was 65.27%.

Organic traffic and the number of sessions increased by half

Working on the application form and improving site navigation also yielded results. After implementing the changes, the number of conversions increased by 9.66%!

the number of conversions increased


Improvement in website visibility in search results was recorded by the Semrush service:

Improvement in website visibility


The dynamics of position growth for key queries are visually shown by Ahrefs. We compared the indicators on November 1, 2022, and March 31, 2023, for the region of Germany:

The dynamics of position growth for key

Ahrefs also demonstrated an increase in referring domains:

an increase in referring domains

Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

When promoting a website with history and good metrics, the main principle of an SEO specialist is “Do no harm”. It is important to carefully develop a promotion strategy and accurately determine the growth points of the project.

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