SEO for the Beauty Industry: Optimizing Success


organic traffic in 12 months




Domain Rate (DR)

Сравнение динамики органического трафика за 2 года

Comparison of the dynamics of organic traffic for 2 years: before the promotion and during the work of SEO-specialists on the site, focusing on beauty industry SEO strategies


About the Project

Our client is a network of laser hair removal and cosmetology salons with 26 institutions operating in major cities of Ukraine. The client has asked the Netrocket team to help increase organic site traffic, analyze competitors’ resources, and implement effective beauty industry SEO strategies to rank higher in Google search results for main industry keywords.


Execution / Optimization Process

  • Analyzed niche and competitor websites
  • Conducted a comprehensive SEO audit
  • Addressed technical errors on the site
  • Conducted keyword research for 25+ regions of Ukraine, focusing on SEO for beauty industry terms
  • Developed the most complete website structure
  • Created landing pages for each service in each region
  • Crafted SEO-optimized texts with a specific emphasis on SEO for the beauty industry
  • Strategically worked with the link profile



The Results


After a comprehensive set of works on the site, Serpstat service recorded a noticeable increase in the visibility of the resource for the search engine, the number of keywords, and organic traffic, particularly emphasizing beauty salon SEO strategies.

Growth of website visibility in Google between July 2020 and July 2021

Growth of beauty salon SEO website visibility in Google between July 2020 and July 2021

Website visibility dynamics over time

Website visibility dynamics over time with a WordPress SEO consultant at work

Change in organic traffic over the year

Change in organic traffic over the year, showcasing the impact of effective B2C and B2B SEO solutions


The Ahrefs service also recorded the dynamics of the growth of keywords and organic traffic, highlighting the effectiveness of SEO services for a WordPress website:

Organic traffic for the year

Organic traffic for the year

Changing the number of keywords in organic SERP

Changing the number of keywords in organic SERP

Off-page optimization and work with a link profile

We also performed Off-Page optimization for the website. This involved analyzing the link profiles of our competitors, creating a varied list of anchors, choosing high-quality donor sites, and posting links to external resources. As a result of these efforts, the Domain Rating (DR) increased from 5 to 15.

Ahrefs: dynamics of DR growth for the year

Ahrefs: dynamics of DR growth for the year

Google Analytics

We experienced a significant increase in organic traffic by 164% compared to the previous year.

Google Analytics organic traffic growth

This is what the organic traffic dynamics look like before and after Netrocket specialists’ work.

Dynamics of organic traffic before and after promotion

Organic traffic (July 1, 2020, to July 1, 2021) vs. prior period (July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020)

How SEO works showed up in conversions

The website saw a 3.70% increase in conversion rate, resulting in a 133% increase in goals achieved.

3.7 percent increase in conversion rate

Detailed goals:

Viber click

Viber click (messaging software application): The conversions increased from 105 to 1073 (922%)!

Submitting a callback form

Callback Form Submissions: The number of conversions increased from 442 to 4797 (985%)!

Visits to the “Thank you” page

Visits to the “Thank You” Page (the page that opens after submitting a request for a consultation or an appointment): The number of conversions achieved increased from 1446 to 7231 (400%)!

What positions we got in the regions – Topvisor

Before beginning the SEO work on our website, we only had one version optimized for Kyiv. We didn’t have any pages created for other regions, meaning we didn’t have any positions for cities or geo-dependent keywords besides Kyiv.

When searching for “laser hair removal” in Kyiv, we found our website in the 35th position.
However, when we searched for “laser hair removal in Kyiv,” our ranking improved to 22nd.

Positions now

in Kyiv:

Positions now in Kyiv:

in Zaporizhzhia:

Positions now in Zaporozhye

in Odessa:

Positions now in Odessa

in Lviv:

Positions now in Lviv

in Ukraine:

Positions now in Ukraine

Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

We have done comprehensive work on our website, allowing us to achieve excellent results in a highly competitive niche. Today, our website successfully competes and has even outstripped some opponents. We have taken the top positions in various cities in Ukraine for high-frequency, mid-frequency, and low-frequency requests.
We have built a good link profile, increased DR (Domain Rating), received an impressive increase in organic traffic, and increased conversions. Our team has carried out both On-Page and Off-Page optimization, found and fixed technical errors on the website, and in just 12 months, we achieved a 165% increase in organic traffic. We are proud to have taken the top 1, top 3, top 5, and top 10 positions for the most frequent keywords in our niche in Ukraine and more than 25 regions.

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