SEO for Doctors: +42% Organic Traffic Growth for Medical Clinic in 4 months


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SEO for Doctors: +42% Organic Traffic Growth for Medical Clinic in 4 months

Comparing the last 3 months to the previous period according to GSC.


About the Project

  • Industry: Medical Services
  • Target Region: USA
  • CMS: WordPress

The client approached our team of experts specializing in SEO for doctors with not only a request to increase traffic to their website, but also to solve a broader range of tasks.

The key goals included:

  • Enhancing keyword rankings on service pages;
  • Expanding the site structure for increased keyword coverage;
  • Elevating organic traffic while focusing on behavioral metrics.

The Challenge

Site Structure Expansion

Our WordPress SEO specialists embarked on creating new service sub-pages, effectively reducing keyword cannibalization and witnessing rapid position improvements on various pages.

Local Search Optimization

A specific emphasis was placed on attracting local customers through optimizing Google My Business (GMB), directories, regional clinic listings, and creating localized pages on the website.

Positioning as an Industry Expert

The strategy included crafting authoritative content and author pages (doctor profiles) to bolster E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) factors, aligning with assessor criteria.

Read on to find out how our agency, as doctor SEO services specialists, approached these new challenges, and how our actions led to a significant increase in the clinic’s presence in search.


Execution / Optimization Process

Keyword Research

Conducted meticulous research to identify high-potential, low-competition keywords in the medical industry, seamlessly integrating them into the site’s content for optimal user relevance.

Technical Optimization

Executed a detailed technical audit, addressing site speed, mobile-friendliness, menu structure, and overall user experience. Resolved issues with search engine indexing and caching for improved performance.

Content Enhancement

High-quality, relevant content is the key to successful SEO for doctors. Collaborated closely with the client and medical professionals to create engaging, informative content, showcasing the clinic’s expertise and providing solutions to the target audience.

Backlink Building

Implemented a targeted backlink acquisition strategy, securing links from authoritative medical sources and local business directories to enhance the clinic’s overall authority.


The Results

We achieved noticeable results with our comprehensive WordPress optimization services.

Organic Traffic Growth

Achieved a remarkable 42% increase in organic traffic within four months, showcasing the effectiveness of our comprehensive SEO strategy.

Organic Traffic Growth
Comparing the last 3 months

Comparing the last 3 months to the previous period, according to GSC.

Statistics from August 1, 2023, through November 30, 2023

Statistics from August 1, 2023, through November 30, 2023, on clicks, impressions, and average position according to GSC data.

Organic traffic metrics according to Ahrefs

Organic traffic metrics according to Ahrefs data at the end of August 2023 (content update phase).

Keyword Rankings

Elevated the clinic’s rankings for industry-specific keywords, with 454 keywords reaching the TOP 1-3 positions at the end of the 4-month period.

Ahrefs service

259 keywords in the TOP 1-3 at the content update stage (Ahrefs service).

Organic Keyword

Domain Authority

Successfully increased the website’s authority in the medical services sector through quality backlink-building efforts.

Average Rating
Average Rating

Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

Our comprehensive WordPress SEO services delivered significant outcomes for the medical clinic. Our team achieved noticeable results after four months of specializing in SEO for doctors. The strategic emphasis on site structure expansion, local optimization, authority-building, and content quality resulted in a substantial increase in organic traffic and improved online visibility.

This case exemplifies our prowess as a professional medical SEO company, capable of delivering tangible and sustainable results.

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