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Organic Traffic


Keywords in TOP-1-3



Growth of the traffic since the beginning of the project

Growth of the traffic since the beginning of the project (Ahrefs service).


About the Project

  • Industry: Treating alcohol, drug and prescription addiction
  • Promotion Region: USA
  • Goal: Explore opportunities to promote the site, increase organic traffic, and improve conversion rates through effective addiction treatment SEO services
  • Promotion Period: May – September 2023

Our client is a clinic located in Serbia that specializes in treating addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, and other drugs. They required medical SEO services as their business growth had stopped, despite hiring another company to handle their website promotion for several years. The website had ongoing work, but traffic and conversions remained stagnant.

The website has seven language versions, which made it necessary to work on the service pages for each language version.


The Challenge

The main objective was to discover ways to expand the business by achieving the following goals:

  • Enhance the number of potential visitors from organic search by utilizing SEO for rehab clinics.
  • Increase the number of conversions.
  • Enhance the user-friendliness of the website.
  • Devise a new strategy to promote the website using SEO for rehab centers.

Execution / Optimization Process

Detailed SEO audit of the website

We found duplicate pages, meta tags, and identical English pages in different language versions that had not been resolved.

Market and Competitor Analysis

We conducted a competitive analysis and found many overlooked keywords. The site’s content uses only international drug names, which are almost always different in every country. Also, keywords containing branded products were missed.

Keyword Research

We gathered keywords for new service pages, considering each country’s market specifics, drug names, and user queries. We have a list of technical tasks for creating and placing text on the website.

Website SEO Structure

We divided all substances and preparations into appropriate categories and subcategories to create a more straightforward and more understandable SEO structure for the site.

On-Page SEO

We reviewed blog articles due to keyword cannibalization. These articles were taking away commercial traffic from the service pages of the site.

We’ve updated the meta tags for commercial pages to use more targeted keywords based on their competitiveness.

Off-page SEO

When performing comprehensive SEO for addiction treatment centers, we engaged in link building according to a strategy based on analyzing similar competing sites.

SEO strategy for the next 3 months

We’re continuing to create new service pages. We are working on adding target keywords for existing pages in different language versions.

Strengthen link profile (placement of free and sponsored articles, comments in forums and posts in social networks). We are analyzing the platforms for toxicity and the organic links received.

Work with internal linking of pages (service to service, article to service, service to sub-service).

Drive conversions from informational articles with banners and forms on blog pages.


The Results


Change of the organic traffic according to the data of Ahrefs since the beginning of our B2B SEO services.

Organic keywords

After the start of SEO work, the number of keywords changed according to Ahrefs data.

Significant changes were achieved by using previously overlooked keywords. Here is a comparison of the number of queries for the top 100 keywords on Google:

Top 100 keywords on Google February 2023 (was) May 2023 (became)
ТОП 1-3 201 561
ТОП 4-10 693 1598
ТОП 11-100 6677 19379
Total 7571 21538

Google Search Console

Data Google Search Console

Change in organic traffic according to GSC data after starting to work on SEO.

Comparison of last 3 months' results

Comparison of last 3 months’ results with previous 3 months’ results.

Google Analytics

Comparison of the organic traffic of the last 3 months

Comparison of the organic traffic of the last 3 months with the results of the 3 months before.

Comparison of the number of conversions over the last 3 months

Comparison of the number of conversions over the last 3 months.


Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

As we can see from the successful example of an addiction treatment clinic’s drug rehab SEO promotion, there are opportunities for traffic and conversion growth even on sites that have already been optimized.

As an SEO company for doctors, Netrocket’s team of SEO specialists achieved the following priority goals for our client using drug rehab SEO services:

  • Significant increase in targeted traffic from Google search engine.
  • Increase in the number of conversions.
  • User-friendly website.
  • Development of a website promotion strategy.

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