SEO for Education Websites: +200% Traffic Growth & TOP Google Rankings


organic traffic growth

1 place

Google rankings for the main keywords


cost of organic traffic

Traffic growth graph since the start of the project

This is a graph showing the growth of traffic since the start of the project, as tracked by the Ahrefs service


About the Project

  • Industry: Online education, Courses
  • Promotion Region: the UK
  • Promotion Period: March 2022 – June 2022


  • enhance the number of visitors to the website through targeted, organic traffic in Google using SEO for educational websites‘ techniques
  • achieving top-10 visibility on Google

The Challenge

Our customer, a provider of online tutoring services for UK state exams, has assigned us the following tasks focused on SEO for education websites:

  • Attract more users to the website through organic search.
  • Improve the website’s visibility in Google’s top 10 search results.
  • Boost conversion rates and enhance the usability of the website.

Execution / Optimization Process

  • Conducted comprehensive research of the major niche and competitors’ websites that rank in Google’s top 10 results for the main keyword phrases related to our expertise as an SEO company for education.
  • Conducted a comprehensive technical SEO audit for Webflow SEO services. Identified and promptly addressed critical technical errors, including the resolution of 404 pages found in the sitemap.xml file, rectifying styles and fonts closed from the Google bot, ensuring correct visibility for the Google bot, and addressing errors in the Google Search Console, etc.
  • As the best SEO agency for education, we meticulously gathered the site’s keywords core for all main pages based on insights obtained through niche and competitor research. During the keywords analysis, we identified additional opportunities, uncovering potential landing pages like GCSE preparation in Literature, Math, and more.

The Results


As a result of the efforts led by our SEO consultant, a graph illustrating the traffic dynamics is created:

a graph of the traffic dynamics Ahrefs

The graph illustrates a steady increase in traffic since the start of the promotion.

The graph shows how the traffic cost increases based on the service algorithms used by Ahrefs:

the increasing Graph of traffic cost according Ahrefs

The cost of traffic in March was $2,347, while in July, it increased to $4,062.


Graph illustrating the traffic dynamics in the UK from the start of SEO for education websites:

the traffic dynamics in the UK area from the beginning of SEO

According to Semrush, this is a graph of the website’s visibility in Google search.

Graph of the website's visibility in the Google SemRush
Number of queries
in Google’s top
March, 2022 July, 2022
Top 3 5 13
Top 4-10 42 111
Top 11-20 68 139
Total 381 893

Website visibility and traffic increased by over 200%, according to top keyword statistics and graphs.


Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

Comprehensive competitor research was conducted that was tailored explicitly for SEO for education websites. This involved analyzing the site’s keywords, leading to a clear SEO structure for every aspect of the website. The website’s architecture was expanded by introducing new landing pages. Furthermore, a meticulous website audit addressed minor and non-technical errors. Essential elements for this educational niche were incorporated, filling the gaps left by competitors. Consequently, our efforts led to a twofold increase in organic traffic compared to the pre-promotion period.

As a result of comprehensive SEO education websites’ work, the client received the following:

  • A constant flow of students from Google’s search engine
  • First-place Google rankings for the main keywords
  • Google-optimized website with increased usability and proficiency
  • The domain pumped up through linkbuilding efforts.

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