SEO for Wedding: Transforming an Online Bridal Store with Strategic Optimization


Organic Traffic





Organic traffic for the period: November 2022 (before work begins) - February 2023 (after work is completed)

Organic traffic for the period: November 2022 (before work begins) - February 2023 (after work is completed)


About the Project

  • Niche: Online store for wedding, bride, and bridesmaid accessories.
  • Promotion Region: Australia
  • Promotion Period: November 2022 – February 2023

In the Australian digital marketplace, an online store was focused on wedding-related products such as bridal wear and bridesmaid essentials. The store was looking for a trustworthy marketing partner specializing in SEO for wedding stores to help it establish a strong presence in the market.

With a clear focus on growing visibility in Google searches through smart SEO strategies, the store aimed to attract more organic traffic and conversions. Additionally, it desired to enhance profitability through clever inbound marketing services.


The Challenge

We faced a strong adversary – many aggregators dominating the search engine results pages (SERP), fiercely competing for the coveted top positions. Amidst this fierce competition, our website stood at a disadvantage with its lackluster structure and incomplete content. Over 20% of our offerings lay hidden in the shadows, devoid of descriptions and high-quality visuals, leaving us vulnerable in the battle for online visibility and customer engagement.


Execution/Optimization Process

Analysis of the website, technical audit, and analysis of the competition.

Our WooCommerce SEO agency conducted a comprehensive analysis of the website:

  • We started by performing a complete technical audit, revealing several bugs hindering the website’s ranking. We also identified duplicate pages and issues with usability that needed to be addressed.
  • Next, we analyzed the website’s competitors and the top-ranking websites on the search engine results page (SERP). Based on our findings, we identified eight factors that could help improve the website’s ranking.
  • Furthermore, we researched the niche extensively and conducted a competitive analysis. We developed a comprehensive promotional strategy to boost the website’s visibility and ranking using the data gathered.

Optimizing an online store for YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) with wedding SEO

It’s important to note that optimizing commercial pages for search engines involves more than just regular content optimization. Commercial ranking factors should also be taken into account for better results.

Google’s EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust) algorithm requires websites to provide comprehensive information on payment methods, delivery, purchase, returns, privacy policies, offers, rules, and conditions. Since online stores fall under the YMYL (Your Money Your Life) category, we have developed these crucial pages as part of our B2B SEO service strategy to boost the site’s rankings.

The following pages are the most important ones that we have developed:

  • Delivery
  • Return Policy
  • Payment
  • Size Chart
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

Optimize product cards and catalog

We have enhanced the catalog filters and product listing configuration as part of our eCommerce SEO services. Initially, 20% of the products lacked clear names, descriptions, photos, and videos. However, we have been able to expand the catalog and optimize the product cards, ensuring they are fully optimized to attract and engage potential customers.

Analysis of the site navigation and the user behavior

During our audit, we discovered several issues with how pages were linked on the site. To address these issues, we installed Hotjar and conducted a user behavior analysis. This helped us identify areas where the site’s design was weak. As a result, we were able to refine the design of the main menu, search bar, breadcrumbs, and site footer.

Work with categories and keywords

We have redesigned the navigation structure with categories, subcategories, filters, and product cards for easy access.

Off-Page SEO

We focused on building external links to improve our keyword positions and increase our Domain Rating (DR) and overall trust. We had the necessary contact information and went through all the local directories and thematic forums to achieve this. Our other efforts were aimed at getting outreach links from websites where our target audience is present.


The Results

Comparison of organic traffic before and after working with Netrocket SEO specialists during November to February

Comparison of organic traffic before and after working with Netrocket SEO specialists during November to February.

The growth of clicks and impressions from November 2022 to February 2023

The growth of clicks and impressions from November 2022 to February 2023.

Comparison of metrics in Google Search Console before and during work

Comparison of metrics in Google Search Console before and during work.

The Ahrefs tool

The Ahrefs tool data shows the organic keywords dynamics.

Organic keywords

At the start of the project, there were 98 keywords in the top 3 and 311 in the 4-10 range, according to Ahrefs data. After the work is completed in February 2023, Ahrefs shows that 145 keywords are in the top 3, and 400 are in the 4-10 range after two months.

Organic keywords

An example of how the ranking for important business keywords (with a frequency of 500 to 2500 searches per month in Australia) has changed.

Change in organic traffic, transactions, and order value during the SEO promotion period.

The Results
The Results
The Results

Summary/Conclusion Takeaways

Thanks to wedding SEO optimization, the number of the most important search queries for which the website is ranked has increased by 37%. As a result, we were able to achieve these goals together with the client:

  • Organic traffic growth: +70%
  • Increase in new users: +73%
  • Increase in number of sessions: +67%
  • Increase in conversion rate: +55%
  • Increase in number of transactions: +47%
  • Revenue growth: +33%

The practical insights:

  1. Invest in Comprehensive SEO Analysis: Conducting a thorough website analysis, including technical audits, competitor assessments, and niche research, lays the foundation for effective SEO strategies. Identify and address technical glitches or content deficiencies hindering your site’s performance.

  2. Optimize Essential Pages: Prioritize optimizing essential pages such as payment methods, delivery, returns, and privacy policies to align with Google’s EAT algorithm. Providing comprehensive information enhances your credibility and authority, improving your site’s ranking potential.

  3. Enhance Product Listings: Optimize product listings with clear names, descriptions, and high-quality visuals to attract and engage potential customers. Investing in eCommerce SEO services to expand your catalog and optimize product cards can significantly enhance discoverability and conversion rates.

  4. Refine User Experience: Utilize tools like Hotjar to analyze site navigation and user behavior, identifying and addressing design flaws to refine the user experience. Ensuring seamless browsing pathways can improve engagement and drive conversions.

  5. Focus on Off-Page SEO: Build authoritative external links from reputable sources to strengthen domain authority and trustworthiness. Explore local directories and thematic forums to expand your reach and solidify your presence in relevant online communities.

  6. Track and Measure Results: Regularly monitor critical metrics such as organic traffic, new user acquisition, sessions, conversion rates, transactions, and revenue growth. Analyzing these metrics provides insights into the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and helps identify areas for further optimization.

  7. Strive for Continuous Improvement: SEO is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring and refinement. Stay updated on industry trends and algorithm changes, and adapt your strategies to maintain and improve your site’s performance over time.

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