SEO for Women’s Wellness Products: 440+ Keywords in TOP-10 for 6 Months


Organic Traffic


Impressions (+73%)


keywords in top-10

The TOP 10 keyword position

The TOP 10 keyword position changes over the last 6 months.


About the Project

  • Industry: Women’s Wellness Products/Healthcare
  • Target Region: USA
  • CMS: Shopify

In May 2023, a client came to Netrocket with a requirement to hire a Shopify SEO expert. This client needed a healthcare SEO agency to optimize their Shopify site for women’s health product sales. They aimed to rank the most critical keywords in the top 10 of the Google search engine. The client’s website already had a strong brand and received organic traffic.


The Challenge

This project was quite challenging. Generating SEO-friendly content in the field of women’s health demands precise adherence to all the guidelines and the presentation of scientific information in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. The content should be written only by subject matter experts.

In the competition, we had to adopt a unique approach to keyword research for women’s health products. We aimed to stand out from other websites and increase the size of our product portfolio.


Execution / Optimization Process

Technical SEO Audit

We conducted a thorough website audit to address critical issues, including loading speed, responsiveness, and mobile usability. Additionally, we identified potential areas for future SEO optimization.

Keyword Research

We conducted meticulous keyword research to identify keywords that will help the site quickly reach the top 10 in search results. The low-competition keywords we targeted worked. We saw results in just a few months.

Niche Analysis and Competitive Research

First, we conducted an extensive analysis of the market where our client’s business aspired to be the leader. We needed to comprehend what would set us apart from the competition in the search engine results. We identified their position and advantages, enabling us to establish a plan that incorporated both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO strategies.

Content writing

During the initial stage, we faced a challenge as the product was quite specific. The owner had all the expertise in that particular niche. However, we successfully tackled this hurdle by interviewing the owner and leveraging our SEO copywriting skills. As a result, we enhanced the quality of the content by restructuring it.

Linkbuilding strategy

Our linkbuilding strategy involved identifying toxic domains that duplicated our content or had been filtered out over time. We then submitted these domains to Google’s disavow tool. Our website’s domain rating has slightly decreased.

Next, we focused on selecting new and relevant thematic partners for placing articles with links. This helped us improve our ranking and gain a more substantial presence in the TOP 10.


The Results

Organic traffic

In the past six months, clicks has increased by 21%, translating to 16,000. Impressions on TOP 100 have risen by 73%, equivalent to 2.42 million.

GSC data for the last 6 months

GSC data for the last 6 months in comparison to the previous period.

GSC data for the past 12 months

GSC data for the past 12 months.

Ahrefs traffic data for the last 12 months

Ahrefs traffic data for the last 12 months and where the SEO work started.

Ahrefs data for the past 12 months

Ahrefs data for the past 12 months.

Number of keywords

At the start of the project, there were 27 keywords in the top 3 and 100 in the top 10.

Ahrefs data on the number of keywords

Ahrefs data on the number of keywords for the past 12 months and the starting point of the SEO work.

In just six months, we have increased our ranking for 85 keywords in the top 1-3 and 540 in the top 10, representing a 440% increase from the previous ranking for 27 keywords in the top 1-3 and 100 in the top 10.

Ahrefs data on the number of keywords after 6 months

Ahrefs data on the number of keywords after 6 months of SEO efforts.

Change the positions of the keywords in the TOP-10 after 6 months.


Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

Throughout the process, our primary goal was to ensure the steady growth of the store on the Shopify platform, increase its visibility, and attract the maximum amount of targeted traffic possible. You, too, can achieve success in organic search results for your Shopify store by leveraging the expertise of our Healthcare SEO agency.

Additionally, our inbound marketing services can further enhance your digital presence and drive revenue growth for your business. If you’re interested, please get in touch with us using the form below!

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