A search promotion for an online store for a manufacturer of robotic surveillance cameras

  • a staggering 258% increase in traffic in 6 months
  • +197 priority keywords in the top 10 search results
results search promotion for a manufacturer of robotic surveillance cameras
results seo for a manufacturer of robotic surveillance cameras

The results of our team’s work in the first 6 months: April — September 2022

1 About the client

  • Niche: Manufacturing
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Promotion region: USA
Our client is a manufacturer of PTZ surveillance cameras. The company has been specializing in the creation of PTZ devices for more than 5 years, which can be controlled remotely using a mobile application.

2 Challenge

The client’s PTZ cameras have proven themselves in the market. According to internal statistics from the sales department, 99.4% of buyers keep the equipment, despite the possibility of returning the goods within the first two months.

A client approached Netrocket to augment sales volume through the official website, since before that most of the buyers purchased equipment through distributors.

3 Solution

Our team proposed a plan for intergrated SEO promotion of an online store: starting with a detailed audit and content optimization, and ending with work on a backlink profile and YouTube SEO.

4 Realization

  • First and foremost, we conducted a comprehensive SEO audit of an online store on WooCommerce WordPress. Based on its results, we created a technical specification for developers and SEO specialists to correct errors. We provided recommendations for improving the loading speed and lead forms.
  • Set up goals and conversion tracking.
  • Conducted keyword research, expanded the site structure and created new categories.
  • Created new meta tags.
  • Published descriptions of the main categories of products.
  • Added several types of Schema.org structured data for products, categories, pages, and YouTube videos.
  • We started working on strengthening the backlink profile: we posted free and sponsored articles, comments on forums and publications on social networks.

5 Results of work on the online store for 6 months

In just six months of work on the project, we managed to increase the total number of impressions by 353.3 thousand or 521%. And the total CTR increased by 3090 or 258%!

Comparison of metrics after 6 months of work on the project of Netrocket specialists with the same previous period, GSC:

SEO online store for a manufacturer of robotic surveillance cameras 6 months

The growth of organic traffic on Ahrefs and Semrush charts is also visible to the naked eye:

Organic traffic, Ahrefs:

Organic traffic, Ahrefs
Organic traffic, Semrush:

Organic traffic, Semrush

The visibility of the site has increased significantly. At the time of the start of work on the project, only one search query was in the top 3 Google results. After 6 months, there were already 22 such key phrases! Before the start of SEO promotion, there were 34 search queries in the top 10, and 231 six months later!

Keyword data, Semrush:

Данные по ключевым словам, Semrush апрель 2022
Keyword data, Semrush september 2022

The success of link promotion is clearly shown by the Ahrefs metric — Domain Rating. Before the start of work on the project, it was 17, six months later it exceeded the mark of 30:

Domain Rating, Ahrefs

You can see how keyword positions have changed in SEranking:

keyword positions
query positions
Targeted keywords positions

6 Comparison of work periods on the project

SEO promotion always has a cumulative long-term effect. You can verify this by comparing the metrics in several periods. In our case, we took data for the first 3 months of work on the project (April — June 2022) and the subsequent similar period (July — September 2022). For the second three-month period of time:

  • The overall number of impressions has increased by 125,000 or 84%!
  • The total CTR has risen by 1,730 or 135%!

Google Search Console data:

Google Search Console data

7 Final thoughts

SEO promotion is a strategic tool. It is aimed not at momentary sales, but at a long-term result. In our experience, a business feels a clear effect of SEO promotion usually after 6 months of work.

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