Traffic growth of more than 200% in the online education niche

  • Niche: online education, courses
  • Promotion region: England
  • Goal: increasing organic targeted traffic in Google + visibility in the top 10
  • Promotion period: March 2022 - June 2022

A thorough competitor research was conducted, taking into consideration the site semantic core of the website that was gathered, and created an understandable SEO structure for each component of the website. The structure of the website was enlarged via the addition of new landing pages. Additionally, a website audit was used to fix small and not very technical errors. The necessary components for this niche were included, which the competitors lacked. As a result, we received twice as much organic traffic as we had before the promotion began.

Traffic growth graph since the start of the project

Traffic growth graph since the start of the project (Ahrefs service)

1 Task

Our customer is a provider of online tutoring services for UK state exams. We have been given the following tasks:
  • Increase the number of targeted users from organic search to the site
  • Boost the website’s visibility in the top 10 Google results
  • Improving website usability to increase conversions

2 What was done

  • Conducted a thorough research of the major niche and competitors websites that rank in Google’s top 10 results for the main keyword phrases.
  • Conducted a full technical SEO audit. There were some technical errors that required immediate fixing. Such mistakes include pages 404, which are present in the file sitemap.xml, closed from the Google bot styles and fonts, which resulted in the site incorrectly seen by the Google bot and errors in the Google search console, etc.
  • We manually gathered the site’s semantic core for all the main pages of the site based on information received through a niche and competitor research. In the process of gathering semantics, further opportunities in the form of landing pages were uncovered (e.g., GCSE preparation in Literature, Math, etc.).
  • Based on gathered semantics and competitors research was created logical website SEO structure that will not only help users to understand all the tutoring services on the site, but also allow the Google bot to properly index the site.
  • Using the keyword research, we generated efficient meta tags for each page of the website as well as technical assignments for writing texts.
  • Conducted the usability website analysis and compared it with competitors. Determined the elements that competitors did not have. Such elements may include full-page biographies and accomplishments of course teachers. This is a crucial aspect of the YMYL algorithm.
  • On the basis of a competitor’s research and the market niche, a backlink strategy was developed, which we adhered to over the project’s promotion time.

3 Results


As a consequence of the work conducted, a graph of the traffic dynamics is created:

a graph of the traffic dynamics Ahrefs

The graph shows a gradual but consistent increase in traffic from the beginning of the promotion to the present day.

Graph illustrating the increasing of traffic cost according to the service algorithms of Ahrefs:

the increasing Graph of traffic cost according Ahrefs

The cost of traffic in March was estimated at $2,347, while in July the estimate was already $4,062.


Graph illustrating the traffic dynamics in the UK area from the beginning of SEO:

the traffic dynamics in the UK area from the beginning of SEO

Graph of the website’s visibility in the Google search engine according to the SemRush service:

Graph of the website's visibility in the Google SemRush
Number of queries in Google’s top
March, 2022July, 2022
top 3513
top 4-1042111
top 11-2068139

As seen by the graphs and statistics on top keywords, website visibility and traffic grew by over 200%.

4 Conclusions

As a result of comprehensive SEO work, the client received:

  • A constant flow of students from Google’s search engine
  • First-place Google rankings for the main keywords
  • Google-optimized website with increased usability and proficiency
  • The domain pumped up at the cost of linkbuildings
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