SEO-promotion of an online store of leather accessories
(+128% traffic in USA)

  • Niche: Mobile device accessories made of leather
  • Promotion region: USA
  • Objective: to enlarge the structure of the site and boost organic traffic

Conducted Holistic Shopify SEO services. Organic traffic to cases and other leather accessories online stores in the USA market increased by 128%.

organic traffic to the online shop for cases

3-month results: May-July 2022

1 What was done

  • A thorough SEO assessment of the Shopify website was performed. We created guidelines for the developer to follow in order to fix technical issues and provide suggestions for optimizing loading speed.
  • Conducted keyword research and analyzed the website structure of competitors.
  • We created a new collection for each device, compiled meta tags.
  • Wrote and posted texts for all priority product collections.
  • Worked with the backlink profile (outreach articles, crowd-marketing, registration in directories, work with bloggers).
  • Added several types of structured data markup.

2 Three Months’ Results

Data from GSC for 3 months (May 2022-July 2022) and data for the previous period:

Data from GSC for 3 months

3 Metrics comparison

Data from Google Analytics for 6 months:

Data from Google Analytics for 6 months

Organic traffic data from Ahrefs tool:

Organic traffic data from Ahrefs tool

Organic traffic data from the Semrush tool:

Organic traffic data from Ahrefs tool

4 Results

According to our experience, a thorough approach for SEO promotion always brings results.

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