Do they steal text content from your website?
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Is it harmful to the SEO of your website? Or you just didn’t think about this. Check out this mini case study with an example of copy and paste from our website netrocket .pro

We found out recently, that an IT company Theleadwebtech used our brand name on their website. How come? They just used text from our page WordPress SEO services, which is next to a submit form, and made a 100% copy-paste, this is how Netrocket appeared on their page.


First what appears in mind usually – this is no good, it’s bad! We’ve invested $350-500 per page of text content. They just steal! we should stand for content rights.
Correct and I agree with this. We always do that.

Netrocket original-content

But in such cases, I’m also thinking – why do we consider only “do-follow or no-follow” hyperlinking, which works as a backlink and is good for SEO? We need to let Google know that we’re the first Authors of that content and the first source.

So, I’ve just put that part of the stolen text in search and see, that Google recognizes Netrocket website as an Author and ranks it in the first place. Good)

Google recognizes Netrocket website as an Author and ranks it in the first place

Surprisingly, it still ranks the other website, which has taken our piece of content. May be because they use only a part of the text, not copied the whole page.


Anyway, I’m considering this now as a backlink to our website which may help us to rank better) Hope, the Googlebot will think the same way)
And, to be honest, I would rewrite this part of the text on our page. We’ll do it soon.

As a short takeaway here on content protection for SEO:

  1. Usually content stealing and copying text content harms a website’s SEO and content becomes not unique. So, you need to check it regularly.
    *but I assume that it may work as a backlink to the source. As in our case.
  2. I would recommend setting up alerts, which will trigger if someone is using your brand name or links to your website. – this also will let you know about many other interesting things that may happen, like Backlinks Spam attacks, or smth else.
  3. Check the uniqueness of the content on your website regularly.
  4. Protect your content simply by using your Brand Name or other footprints there. it may be considered as a backlink then. Also, put internal backlinks to other pages of your website. I have seen many times when they copy texts with all the backlinks and don’t change them)
  5. Use the DMCA protection tool and register the content we invest money in. This way you can prove that you were the first who published it.

I think we may create a more detailed guide on this topic.

Answering the question I raised in the beginning – Yes) they do steal content each day, and I’m sure that many of you faced those issues before. it’s not 100% regulated. We see it each month on the projects we serve and I see it also on my websites.

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!)

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