How can you grow a Travel project by more than 57% annually?
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How can you grow a Travel project by more than 57% annually or 1000 times per month? Or whatever amount you have in your plan for 2024-25.

As we’re getting closer to the ITB Travel Show in Berlin this year, we have some fresh mini-cases in the Travel Industry marketing to share.

I’m sharing here an example of organic traffic figures, where we’re getting SEO traffic growth more than 1000 times during February.

Point A = We had 300 users per day.

Point B = We have 30.000+ users per day now!!!! That’s incredible!

If the trend stays and we keep the positions, that means by the end of the month we’ll attract more than 700.000 new visitors to the website “for Free”, organically.
This is what all the business owners and investors are looking for now!

In this case, it’s an info traffic. There is no buying intent here. It doesn’t convert directly into sales or Revenue $$$. Only indirectly.

But it’s Free Traffic around 1 million new users monthly, which you may have on your Travel website and it’s the next task for marketing to convert this traffic into paying customers or subscribers or other ways to make it useful and profitable for your business.

How did this happen???

We had a very good cluster of Keywords, which were claiming to the top somewhere in the TOP 10-15 slowly, step by step. And then, suddenly, after the 8th of Feb, that group of keywords skyrocketed to TOP1. And you see the result.

Of course, we have been constantly providing travel SEO services here, but to be honest, we didn’t plan for such growth.

So, it’s just another case study about “No Guarantees in SEO” and any organic result, but positively, showing, that it may grow sometimes unexpectedly high and faster than you have in your company’s marketing plans.

As a takeaway and my assumption here – think about investing $$$ in SEO for your project, if you’re not doing this yet. It may work.

Keep doing SEO if you’re already in the game and play better than your competitors.