SEO for Software Development Company in the UK – Mini Case Study
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A mini case study in IT / SEO for software and web development / UK region. Here is an example of the first step results and a couple of ideas you may use to promote your IT company in search when you’re doing the kick-off for your project and are scared a little about the level of competition we have here.

seo for it companies

As a B2B SEO focused team, we have clients from the IT industry. All the companies are in different stages of their SEO life, some have already achieved enough traffic and get MQLs each month, but this post is not about them.

There are many IT companies that are already some time on the market and only starting the SEO process, like in my example here.

The challenge

  1. Starting all from scratch. No optimization before.
  2. Super-competitive market.


Started with all the basics SEO settings, search console, technical audits, and fixes to have a good starting position for the website.
Made business analysis to identify the business search terms our potential clients may use (not other developers, not students, not the info-intent..). This part is very important to build the best SEO structure for your website.

We decided to focus only on the service pages in the beginning.
And started building an ongoing optimization process with backlinks and content creation.

The kick-off strategy here is to start being generally visible for target search terms in Google and get TOP positions on the long tail and low competition KeyWords during the first 6-7 months. And this is where to start getting first leads.

The result we’ve got

seo for it companies

It works.

seo for it companies

After a couple of months of working with backlinks and the first month, we started placing the content on pages, we’ve received first visibility and good starting rankings for the picked-up business-intent keywords. The positions now are getting better each week.


  1. Make the website technically/SEO perfect at the start.
  2. Start with service keywords.
  3. Define and target first the KW with low competition.
  4. And don’t expect too much from the first period. It’ll be very interesting in the long term.

Wish you good luck with starting your SEO efforts.

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.