What connects me and Paddington Bear? SEO traffic drop (Part #2)
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I’ll share it at the end of the post!) This is actually the second part of the story I started earlier today. Ready to hear the truth about that SEO traffic dropdown I showed you in the previous post? Here we go!

seo and paddington

Part #2. “Again… SEO traffic drop!”

seo traffic drop example

When you see such a decrease on your website or any other project, I would recommend checking several additional SEO metrics and using different tools.

  1. Pay attention not only to the traffic but also to the Keywords’ rankings (seems obvious but some marketers just focus on traffic only).
  2. Then check traffic by each important and TOP page on your website and so on, to see what’s really going on and what could cause this kind of result.

This website, I showed you in a previous post is doing good actually. How come? – the traffic is decreasing)

seo traffic drop example

seo traffic drop example

How do we know that all is fine here? I have just an unfair advantage – I know the project.

  1. But anyway, let’s check additionally the Google Search Console – you see on the screenshot, that the average positions on TOP KW metric is stable, it’s good. The reason is not in Keywords’ rankings, but something else.
  2. Then I would also check the positions and pages you’re targeting with your Travel website SEO. If they are also good, then we’re safe) they are also fine, you can see it.

The “secret” here is that this is an example of a Travel Tech project, which is usually impacted by travel trends up and down regularly during a year.

seo traffic drop example

seo traffic drop example

seo traffic drop example

The takeaway:

When SEO traffic decreases or grows on your project, check more data to analyze where and why is this happening. And continue to play The Marketing Game)

PS: oh!) Paddington!? I just used the picture here as an eye-stopper, so you don’t miss the post and look not only at those serious metrics and keywords. Maybe, smile)
And I really have a very good connection with the Bear, I read a lot of stories about him to my daughter many-many times.

Source: Daniel Dramshev on LinkedIn.