What does your B2B marketing strategy look like? Is it clear enough?
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And what kind of short-term goal and mission would you set up for your marketing team?

We’re working now on the business and marketing strategy for Netrocket – B2B Digital Marketing Agency, actually our service company and consulting project.

I like the process, it’s very interesting – we’re checking our portfolio, figuring out our ICP, focus industries, existing expertise and those we want to develop, interesting case studies, values we give to clients, and so on. So what is our strategy and mission? I’ll not tell you in this post, a bit later) but, check out what I think short-term is important.

We had an internal team meeting a week ago and I decided to take a step back from the 5-year strategy to the first STEP and talk straight the same way as we speak with our potential clients and existing projects. To be clear and transparent.

The main issue and task for a B2B marketer or SEO expert to start with as I see it and form as a “mission #1” is – .. to find a way of being maximum effective in the process you own and making more money $$$ in it.

Let me know what you think about this kind of the first main goal for a marketing team? And how is it possible to make it.

PS: I’ll share the “secret formula” I use for this first step by showing another slide from my internal presentation in my next post tomorrow.

Meanwhile, let’s play with variants, share your ideas in the comments below.