SEO for Financial Websites: Boosting Organic Traffic for Money Transfer Services


organic traffic in six months


increase in new users


increase in the number of sessions

Organic traffic for the period: August 2020 — March 2021

Organic traffic for the period: August 2020 (before the start of work) — March 2021 (at the end of work)


About the Project

  • Industry: Money transfer service
  • Language: English
  • Promotion Region: Europe
  • Promotion Period: October 2020 — March 2021

The client was looking for a SAAS SEO company that can implement the following tasks for their website:

  • organic traffic growth;
  • increasing the number of users;
  • increasing the site’s visibility for target keywords;
  • and strengthening the brand request position.

The Challenge

We have analyzed and listed the following challenges that we may face with this project while providing SEO services for startups. These challenges include:

  • technical errors on the website,
  • promoting the website without creating alternative language versions,
  • and dealing with branded keywords for the website being ranked by other websites in the current niche.

Execution / Optimization Process

In terms of providing SEO for financial websites, the following optimization process was determined.

Audit and fix technical errors

  • Full analysis of technical errors and drawing up a technical assignment for their elimination
  • Fixing technical errors
  • Behavioral factors analysis
  • Implementation of recommendations to enhance usability
  • Analysis of the competitors in the current niche
  • Building a promotion plan

Keyword research and on-page SEO

  • Analysis of the website’s current search engine optimization level
  • Search for missing pages that competitors have, but the client’s website does not
  • Extending the structure, creation of new pages
  • Keyword research for the website
  • Internal cross-linking optimization

Work with the blog section

  • Analysis of an existing information section
  • Based on a niche analysis, trends, and competitors, search for the top topics
  • Developed a content plan for blog posts
  • Authorship of articles and author pages optimization

Link Building

  • Analyzed the backlink profile of competitors
  • Developed a linkbuilding strategy
  • Placed the content on websites and other authoritative and topical sites where competitors are present
  • Used links from directories and profiles to dilute the backlink profile

The Results

Organic traffic before the start of SEO-work and during the work of specialists Netrocket

Organic traffic before the start of SEO work and during the work of Netrocket specialists providing SEO consultant services. Period — 6 months

  • Organic traffic growth: +113.29%
  • Increase in new users: +115.46%
  • Increase in the number of sessions: +12,22%
  • Decrease in failure rate: -7,75%
Organic traffic of the site in the money transfer niche
Growth of organic traffic recorded by Semrush during the period of cooperation

Growth of organic traffic recorded by Semrush during the period of cooperation

Amount of links as of September 2020 — 6 828:

Amount of links as of September 2020

Amount of links as of March 2021 — 13 282:

Amount of links as of March 2021

The number of unique visitors from Search,
September 2020 — 23 344:

New Users from Search September 2020

The number of unique visitors from Search,
March 2021 — 52 726:

New Users from Search March 2021

Dynamics of positions in Google

Keywords positions at the beginning of cooperation and after website optimization
September 2020 March 2021
top 3 1 376 1 635
top 4–10 2 401 2 348
top 11–20 1 990 2 903
top 21–50 5 809 10 152
top 51–100 7 942 13 775
Total keywords: 19 518 30 775

Summary / Conclusion Takeaways

This case demonstrates that the key to success in SEO for the financial industry is in-depth research of the niche and developing an effective SEO strategy. During the first 6 months of our work, we had a positive result: the site’s organic traffic increased by 113.29%! The number of unique visitors from search rose from 23,344 in September 2020 to 52,726 in March 2021.

Our success in the financial industry underscores the importance of a strategic approach to SEO. In-depth research and an effective strategy are the keys to unlocking your website’s potential. With our expertise, you can achieve remarkable results in just six months. Let us help you take your financial website to new heights.

The best of our SEO case studies are usually a result of long-term collaborations and partnerships, lasting from 6 months to a year, and longer.

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